This timeline reflects events that have happened since the beginning of the game. Due to the longevity of this series and for readability purposes, the timeline has been split by year. Other years are listed on the "Timelines" category page.

For character history and past events that impact the game, please see the In-Game Timeline.


23 Video WAKE UP posted
26 6:23 pm EST Video Isolation posted.


6 Video L'esprit de l'escalier posted
21 12:53 am EST Video March 21st posted


4 Crossover with TribeTwelve: DEUS EX MACHINA


26 9:44 pm EST Video A proposal posted
27 2:27 pm EST Video A summoning posted


31 Evan/HABIT appears in distortion of TribeTwelve video: Obituary. Noah, the protagonist of TribeTwelve, also discusses events in EverymanHYBRID.



Video Lexi posted



TribeTwelve twitter is updated with news from character Firebrand: a "mutual aquaintance" will soon appear. Based on previous encounters, this is strongly hinted to be HABIT

24 TribeTwelve's protagonist, Noah, tweets that he has received an envelope and that it is clear who it is from. Again, this is hinted to be HABIT's work
25 Crossover with TribeTwelve: Severance . Extended HABIT appearance. While there was much information revealed, it is unclear how much pertains to the EMH universe as opposed to just the TribeTwelve universe.