The Free Drink Refills are a band composed of employees from the hospital where Jeff works, and Steph was held during her commitment.

The first mention of The Free Drink Refills was as a poster in the hallway of the video "Damsel." At the time no explanation was given for the poster. Later, in the "Hospital Fire" podcast Jeff described them as a charity band made up of people from various hospital departments including one of the doctors, and one of the janitors. They often played at the holiday parties at the hospital and had changed names several times through their history, but had eventually settled on The Free Drink Refills after getting some help from a cafeteria worker named Rosa. The membership of the band also changes ocassionaly. In the podcast Jeff mentions Dr. Rossum on drums and Pat the janitor and keyboards.

In Alex's video "Slappa' tha' bass(ah)." we see our first video of the band, at the time composed of L. Kelly (RN), A. Rossum (MD), H. Booth (Facilities), C. Toff (Finance) and John Mayner Jr. (Student). They play a cover of "Hotel California."


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    The inclusion of the band seems to be a nod to UF member ChildOfAtom who wondered aloud in the forum what the poster in the hallway was doing near patient rooms, and deciding that it was a band that performed in the cafeteria. A few days later, when the Hospital Fire podcast was released this detail was included.