"THESEVENTRIALSOFHABIT - TRIAL ONE - PART 2/2 - RABBIT#231" is the eighth video posted on Alex's WickedStickyAlex channel. This video confirmed speculation pinning Alex as Rabbit #231 and that he had entered The Seven Trials Of Habit against his brother's wishes. His "loved one" was the shell of the first gun he ever fired.

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the shell of the first gun I ever fired. my dad took jeff and I shooting years ago. we went skeet shooting at an old farm.


Sparky is digging a hole while Alex watches. After a few seconds he stops her.]

Alex: Good girl. Come on. Come on.

[Alex makes the hole slightly deeper then puts the shotgun shell in the hole and covers it back up with soil and grass. Sparky sniffs at the shell, and Alex shoos her away. He pats it down and turns the camera to himself.]

Alex: HABIT made me do it.

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