Ryan is a side character whose only known appearance was in the video "A Day in the Life."

Since his appearance in "A Day In The Life" Ryan has not been seen on camera.

Recently, in the video "A Day With Green Feathers," that documented the events at the November 21 Meetup, the EMH crew made repeated references to the fact that Ryan was supposed to have joined them at the event but had not shown up. At the end of the video he calls Vince. Vince repeatedly tells him to "slow down," then goes silent for several seconds. When Jeff asks what is happening Vince says that he believes Ryan has been in a car accident, and that Vince had heard "the noises." The next day Jeff tweeted that they had been unable to contact Ryan's family but were waiting for details on the accident. He said that Ryan "didn't deserve that" and "he never drove carelessly."

On Nov 24th, in the video "Ryan & the SEVENTRIALSOFHABIT" it was revealed that Ryan died in the accident. Jeff describes Ryan's body as having been mutilated beyond what would have been normal in an automobile accident, and that all of the glass from the windows had been pushed into the car rather than out of it. They speculated that something had dragged Ryan from the car. While at a roadside vigil for Ryan, Vinny revealed that on the morning of the Meetup he had received an email from Ryan saying that someone was asking him bizarre, chilling questions. Ryan had filled in the email questionairre and returned it.

In a later Ustream, Vince says the noises he heard were like "whispering", pretty much confirming that Ryan was killed by The Rake.

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