In the description for the video "Rose." there was a link to a newspaper article that detailed the mysterious death of Jessie's grandmother Rose.

Article TranscriptEdit

Local philanthropist found murdered in Jim Thorpe home

CARBON COUNTY (AP) -- The body of locally renowned philanthropist Rose [REDACTED] was discovered Tuesday morning by the assisted lving nurse checking in for the morning. No foul play on the nurse's part is suspected. Local animal control has been on high alert since the discovery. Jim Thorpe police had originally locked down several city blocks following the report, however, had since claimed that this was not the work of a human attacker. Nine pm citywide curfew has been issued until further notice.

Rose [REDACTED] was known for her work with foster children and at-risk youth. Jim Thorpe mayor Mike Sofranko had commented that 'her death is a direct blow to our community. The contributions of Rose and [her late husband] William [REDACTED] will be remembered for generations to come.' Inquiries concerning her family's history "catching up with her" were met with harsh feedback at the conference held yesterday evening. Ceremonial information will be provided later in the week, a representative noted.


  • Jessie has mentioned that Dr. James Corenthal is her Great-Uncle, making him a possible sibling to either Rose or William, her grandparents.
  • Both a Rose, and a William are mentioned in the original Rake creepypasta, associated with a suicide note, and another person named Linnie.
  • Earlier a letter was found in the geocached bag which was addressed to Linnie and signed "William." The bag was found near Jim Thorpe, PA where this news article was published. Whether the William of the letter and Jessie's grandfather are the same person is unknown at this point.
  • Whether Jessie's grandparents are the people mentioned in the Rake creepypasta is also unknown.