Roger was the lead editor of the Princeton University magazine Inquisitive Finds, a publication inspired by cryptozoologyHis magazine contained an article called 'Ashen Waste', which discussed the Mining Town Four. Box #7 revealed that ass the editor and a student, he also knew Princeton Vince and Linnie, the latter of whom was the sub-editor of Inquisitive Finds.

As an adult, Roger may be Roger Paladino, a police officer who was researching and trying to find HABIT in the 2000s. In July 2004, Roger Paladino tracked HABIT to the warehouse, where HABIT caught him in a bear trap. Roger then called in a SWAT team and witnessed the ensuing standoff between HABIT and the SWAT team, and during the incident, also saw Slenderman. HABIT murdered the police with a fire axe and also seemed to possess them, forcing them to kill each other. He then caught Roger Paladino, forced him to write a detailed report of the incident  (which he posted on the CanYouSeeTheWords blog seven years later), and presumably killed him.


  • Roger is played by Tim Sutton, who played the character "Tim" in the Marble Hornets series.