Purple Tape in the LiveStream

This purple tape recurs in the series, often as a visual clue to get the viewers to notice something. Purple tape also seems to be prominently connected to HABIT, and serves as a visual calling card that HABIT has been involved.
  • In Upper Body and Arms, right after the lights blow out, you can see the tape on the Bowflex. Shortly after that, Slenderman can be seen standing in the background.
  • In Sleep Lab Part 1, it's used to build the "shrine" - here Vince mentions they got it "from work".
  • In one of the Livestreams, Evan appears for a brief moment with purple tape on his mouth, either in reaction to something asked by the followers or as a part of his 'acting crazy'.
  • In the video Jeff, a scene that the crew can't see features Vince knocking the door to Jeff's house and Alex opening with his mouth shut with tape. More tape appears on a notebook containing a drawing of Slenderman.
  • Purple tape was also found on or near all of the geocached boxes to date (through Box 6).
  • In one of Damsel's vlogs, there is tape on a picture behind her. Purple tape appeared on CanYouSeeTheWords long before it appeared on any of the EMH videos.
  • In the leaked video Welcome to the ARK all three cast members have purple tape on them (Jeff has some on his hand, Vince has some on his knee, and Evan has some on his neck. It is assumed that Evan and Vince have purple tape on them due to injuries sustained during the other leaked video Slender man).
  • Purple is also the color of the wristbands promised to fans by the guys, and seen in several videos.
  • In the video Sigma Evan's bandages (following the rake attack from "One step forward, two steps back") can be seen to be held together by purple tape. It was also used as bandages in the "Leaked Videos" and to bandage Evan's wounds in OUTSIDE HELP.
  • Purple tape was used to hold the cameras and wifi harddrive found in "Hidden cameras and emails."
  • Evan's Christmas gift from Steph, a large knife, (in A Vinny/HYBRID Christmas) was wrapped in purple tape.
  • The scene of Alex with tape over his mouth, from the video Jeff, appears again in the video Consensus.
  • In Dead end with a Pulse a roll of purple tape appears next to Evan/HABIT's first note, and the cover of Vince's notebook has a piece on the front.
  • The ladder into the deerstand that Green Feathers climbs in Box 6 is marked with purple tape.
  • In the TribeTwelve crossover Noah received an envelope of materials, seemingly from HABIT, with purple duct tape on the enclosure.
  • In Blue room, there is purple duct tape visible on Jeff's desk.