"Public Service Announcement" is the eighth video in the EverymanHYBRID series.

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[No worries HYBRIDs, we'll be back.]

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Vince: Alright guys, so, pretty sure by now you've caught on to our whole "shtick". We are doing the health food thing, obviously, but also we added a little bit of our sick, morbid humor. Um, with our "little visitor". Uh, but recently there's been some situation, that Jeff's gonna kinda take from here...

Jeff: Alright, so, we're not- we're not done, there's no way we're done, we just got started, actually. But- we're gonna be on a brief break for a li'l bit. I mean, it's probably gonna be another week 'til our next video. We'll keep you guys updated on twitter, but, don't expect another video anytime... remotely soon.

Vince: Yeah, we feel we need to take this break just because, y'know, the severity. Someone broke into Evan's house pretending to be, y'know, our Slenderman character. Um, and we're not gonna go into details with where our Slenderman and his end- y'know, ours ends and his begins, but, let's just say that not all of them are ours. Um, and that kind of worries us. So, um, we kind of have a deal on the table for you, that Jeff's gonna... [fan], I guess...

Jeff: Well, I mean, it was Evan's house. Go for it, man.

Evan: Um, alright, here's—here's the deal: If—whoever you are—if you come out and just tell us "Okay, I'm sorry, it was me, my bad", then there will be no repercussions. Okay, fine. Just don't do it again; water under the bridge. However, if you continue to hide who you are, and if you do it again, and we get you, we catch you? Then there's gonna be some very, very negative repercussions. So, if I were you, I would definitely just come out, tell us who you are, and apologize for it. Before this gets any worse than this has to be.

Jeff: That's all we gotta say, guys.

Vince: Alright, 'till later, Hybrids.

Jeff: Keep you updated.

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