Although it doesn't have seasons, the EverymanHYBRID series as a whole can be subdivided into different periods. These periods are characterized by different story arcs, goals, and tone. This page contains two summaries of the story so far: a brief summary for people unfamiliar with the series, and a longer summary for those who have more time and want to catch up to the current events.

Short Summary Edit

Three friends, Evan, Jeff, and Vince, create a fitness series featuring the falsified presence of the entity Slenderman, and begin to realise that the presence of Slenderman and other monsters (especially a prominent one called The Rake) in their lives is very real. They are stalked by the creatures, which results in much death, injury, space-time distortion, and paranoia. Meanwhile, a mysterious entity named HABIT starts leaving them clues which tell the story of The Mining Town Four, a group of children from the past that is somehow related to them. HABIT taunts them with a "Tournament" that seems designed to dehumanize the competitors. The EverymanHYBRID gang tries to keep themselves and their friends alive while working solve the mystery of their connection to the Mining Town Four, and while trying to figure out why these monsters are interested in them.

Short SynopsisEdit

Please note: SPOILERS BELOW.

Three friends, Jeff, Evan and Vince, set out to create a fitness series, and as a joke, include a "fake" Slenderman to help them earn page views. When the real Slenderman begins to appear in their videos, they assume it's a prank being pulled on them, but after a run-in with the real Slenderman, they become concerned. Jeff's girlfriend, Jessa, disappears. Oddly edited videos, invisible to the EMH cast, are placed on their own YouTube channel by someone other than them, showing things that can't happen or that weren't intended for the viewers eyes, as well as things that the crew don't remember happening. Notes and clues with coordinates and cryptic hints begin to be found by the cast leading them to search for Jessa in various burned out locations, including in Brooklyn, where they have a direct confrontation with Slenderman, and finally, in the abandoned, burned-down mining town Centralia, PA.

Jeff blames Jessa's friend Stephanie for Jessa's disappearance, as her dark blog seems to frequently allude to Slenderman. Steph claims to know nothing of the disappearance, but after Jeff tips off the police, she is sent to a mental hospital. With no further clues or hope, the search for Jessa is abandoned.

Meanwhile, a creature called The Rake inhabits Jeff's brother Alex's closet, and injures him while he sleeps. Evan, Jeff and Alex eventually lock The Rake inside Alex's bedroom. Later when they go in to try and fight the thing, they find it missing, and the room physically altered.

Through clues and evidence found at the mystery coordinates, fans of the series help to build a backstory about a Dr. Corenthal who, in 1971, adopted disturbed children who he referred to as the Mining Town Four. These children shared the same first names as Steph and the main cast (the patient Evan is nicknamed HABIT).

After the murder of their friend Ryan, a mysterious tournament is opened by an entity called HABIT (who is believed to have left the caches of clues and co-ordinates, and to have uploaded the hidden videos). The main cast and 200 other "rabbits" (who view the YouTube videos) join and begin completing 7 Trials. The main cast are quickly eliminated. The "rabbits" are eventually whittled down to 7 remaining, and the Trials seem to come to an end.

The cast break Stephanie out of the mental hospital, believing she can help, but she admits to them that she actually knows very little about Slenderman other than being a victim herself. She stays with Evan, fearing the police's actions if she were to go back to her apartment. Steph and Evan eventually begin a relationship.

Along the way, many new discoveries throw shadow on the proceedings: someone is placing pinhole cameras in the boy's homes; Evan has killed their friend Nick; the Rake is attacking and killing all their friends; and their friend Jessie is discovered to be a distant relation of Dr. Corenthal's. They investigate the connection but Jessie and other members of her family soon become victims of the Rake.

In actions that seem to mirror a prophecy found in Box 5, Jeff becomes increasingly distant, Evan increasingly erratic and Vince seem to become more determined than ever to film everything, no matter how hurtful presenting it may be. Steph and Evan's relationship progresses and it is revealed that Steph is pregnant, presumably with Evan's baby. Alex appears to have been killed by Slenderman while on the way to Jessie's funeral with Vince.

Evan, while inHABITed, tortures and kills Jeff, and murders both Steph and her baby. HABIT then brings Evan back out of his trance, and forces him to look upon what he's done. He cries and screams with sorrow after witnessing the remains of his friend(s) in a house HABIT took as his own. Later, he calmly discusses the memories he still has of what HABIT made him do, and recalls the feeling of his daughter's bones against his teeth. Obviously traumatized and defeated, deeming himself a "monster" that's "had enough", he confesses he is going to kill himself by engaging in battle with the Rake.

Vince is then confronted with an uninHABITed Evan seeking help, who tells Vince of the physical pain the Rake put him through, but how not a mark was left on his body after he was torn apart, and he admits frustration that his emotional state is not at all evident in his physical appearance—which HABIT keeps as he wants it. Evan, manic, details to Vince how he beheaded the Rake but it still didn't die.

After weeks of nothing, Vince comes to the conclusion that nothing will get solved unless the two of them summon HABIT to try to find answers. He finds an old book in a store full of new books that tells him how to summon an entity (with additions and deletions made to the instructions by someone) and he and Evan do so together. HABIT, upon returning, laughs at the stupid poses and attire Evan wore according to the instructions (that HABIT admits he doctored). He explains to Vince that before he kills him, he wants to reveal to Vince important things due to his admirable braveness.

HABIT shows Vince a multitude of his horrid deeds. He explains to him the fate of Lexi, who has disappeared and is assumed dead. Vince captures Mark, the man who discovered Box 5. HABIT uses Vince as a mode of capturing people so that he can interrogate them and kill them. This occurs when Shaun Andersen of MLAndersen0 comes to HABIT's abode, has his emotions toyed with, and then is allegedly killed in a sequence of videos on both channels. Vince, finally unable to take any more, tries to leave the house. HABIT knocks him out and he awakes in Jeff's bedroom with a countdown on a computer monitor; the video cuts off just as it reaches 00:00:00. At Christmas 2014, a video is uploaded where a sound file with sounds missing is played.

In the midst of these events, HABIT brings Evan back out of his trance and leaves a clue that gives Vince the sudden realization that their entire lives are fiction, and that none of their experiences have been truly real.

After awakening from his stint in Jeff's room, Vince is seen blindly stumbling into an apartment, chased by entities unknown to him. He remains in this apartment, with no outside interaction and spotty internet connection (save for the few months in which Evan crashed on his couch, briefly uninHABITed) for approximately 2 years. Later, in "Two thousand three hundred ninety-five," while engaging in a sort of play-hunt with the demonic parasite, it is revealed before entering the apartment, Vince had attempted suicide at HABIT's request.

During Christmas, 2016, HABIT is revealed to have been living with Vince in an unknown location for a few months now, and as the new year approaches, Vince reports that he had been running about the house, chanting "New year, new me" very excitedly. They (or, at least HABIT), seem to have an idea or a basic plan to attack and presumably destroy Slenderman once and for all. Vince also reveals that he can now see the hidden videos on the channel.

In April 2017, HABIT urges the last remaining Rabbits in the Trials (#082 and #041) to make contact on CanYouSeeTheWords. Rabbit #041 subsequently posts that they have received the DRKWND disk in the mail. The disk contains transcribed news files and introduces Elizabeth, an alleged clairvoyant.

The DRKWND disk also contains the handwritten url to, website of Dr. Corenthal's lawyer, William J. Davidson. Reddit user thesharp0ne sends a letter to the P.O. box listed on the website in July, and receives a response in October, in the form of the William Davidson Letter. Davidson explains that an "unnamed client" left him with a package to be sent if he received a letter such as thesharp0ne's. In November, thesharp0ne receives the Roberts Package (apparently originally intended for Adam Roberts). Later, in January 2018, thesharp0ne receives a letter from A. Row, Davidson's nephew, apparently originally intended to be in the Roberts Package.

In February 2018, thesharp0ne receives another package, containing the Princeton Tapes. The tapes contain the audio diary of a Vince from a unique iteration speculated to take place in 1987-1989. The Vince on these tapes is in group therapy, potentially on drugs, and makes contact with the Rake, who invades his house and speaks to him. Vince learns of Fairmount Vince through a true crime zine, and dies mysteriously while attempting to investigate Corenthal and the Mining Town Four.

In April 2018, Vince confirms he's been listening to the Princeton Tapes and plans to go to the Fairmount Home in Ohio for answers. He confronts HABIT, telling him he's going to leave. HABIT angrily lets him go, letting him know he'll be lost without his help, and that him dying will be inevitable. He leaves for the Fairmount Home, and on the way there sees Jeff (most likely an apparition created by the Slenderman or HABIT) trying to get Vince to go on a night hike him. He points out that he's dead and can't be here, and quickly drives away. He makes it to Ohio at night and is two hours away from the Fairmount Home, but is too tired to continue, and goes to sleep. He is abruptly awoken by a loud noise and a bright light before being teleported into the middle of a field, where it's now day time. He wanders into the woods where he runs into Jeff again, who is injured and is trying to get Vince to help "him and his brother". Vince runs away from him, and eventually finds his car. He taunts HABIT through the camera, saying "We made it." We then hear what is presumably audio from the future of Vince pleading and begging for help, saying that he should not have come.

Long SummaryEdit

Please note: This summary is broken into "eras" for easier reading.

The Fitness SeriesEdit

The Hybrids create a fitness series on YouTube, and throw in a fake Slenderman for laughs. The real Slenderman starts stalking them. This and other creepy occurances makes them think someone is pulling a prank on them. There are relatively light audio/visual disturbances, and many appearances of Slenderman.

Everyman HYBRID started in March 2010, with co-hosts Vince and Evan, and cameraman Jeff, as a fitness vlog which aimed to help educate viewers as a "Go-To-Guide for Health on a Budget".

The videos were mostly common sense--and rather amateur--advice with a fair amount of corny humor. The first few videos include lessons on jogging and stretching, how diet affects dreams, and upper body strength. Being pranksters and horror fans, they included their friend Daniel dressed up as popular creepypasta character Slenderman in the background, along with static and video distortion, in their videos. In Upper Body and Arms, however, they get spooked out since Slenderman appeared without them telling Daniel to come. Shortly after, an oddly named and edited video, ..., appeared on their channel, which features the Hybrids discussing the bad prank being pulled on them with Evan acting strangely in the background.

They continue their fitness series with Healthy Eating, with the real Slenderman making an appearance while Daniel is there, disappearing inexplicably as they chase him. The Hybrids then put up a new video admitting their prankery, and asking whoever is pranking them to stop, and there will be no repercussions. They announce a short break, during which they film A Day in the Life, a rather long and uneventful video of the Hybrids and their friends hanging out at Baldpate Mountain all day.

The Hybrids then restart the series with a two part special on Sleeping and Dreams. Jeff and Vince try sleep deprivation on Livestream and come across a disturbing shrine asking them if they can "See The Words", and Evan is shown uncharacteristically on the computer, reading a blog called Can You See The Words. Evan tries to log his dreams after eating different kinds of foods, with one very disturbing dream full of Slenderman symbology.

A second oddly edited video is posted showing the Hybrids discussing whether to stop the video series edited with footage from their day in the park. Evan expresses his thoughts on whether or not something supernatural is actually going on.

Slushpops and Suprises is a non-fitness related video which shows the gang hanging out. At the end they find a card with a coordinate on it, leading the the ARG aspect of the series. The box was later found by TheGreenFeathers and contained cryptic phrases and defaced photographs.

The last video to follow the original fitness premise was Self Defense, and featured numerous instances of Slenderman. A contest is announced for best promotion for EverymanHYBRID. There was a livestream chat which shows Evan, once again, acting strangely.

The Search for JessaEdit

The gang drops the fitness premise and instead focus on making a documentary about their troubles. Jeff's girlfriend goes missing, and Jeff looks for her. Evan and Vince, in turn, go looking for Jeff. The ARG aspect of the series becomes important. The historical backstory is revealed, but not many answers given. This part of the series is marked by massive confusion, doubt, and chaos, as well as very dramatic audio and visual effects.

Joke's Over features the gang filming a hiking video. Slenderman appears behind them, and Evan chases him. Slenderman disappears, and they find bags full of blood. Evan laughs maniacally. That night, they found out that Jeff had left to find his girlfriend, Jessa, who had gone missing. They announce their intention to document what has been happening to them. A second box with cryptic messages is found.

While searching for Jeff, Vince and Evan find a USB drive in his room. Jeff uploads a video of him in the ruins of his old school relating a horrific memory of him being forgotten when it was burned down. A new hidden video is discovered with disturbing imagery cut with Jeff visiting the wife of a Doctor Corenthal, asking about a patient of his called HABIT. He discovers the Doctor had died.

Vince and Evan look at the flash drive and discover a video called 78of76.avi , which shows them knocking down the door from A Day in the Life and inexplicably ending up at a beach at night. The gang says they don't remember this happening.

Jeff uploads a new video checking in, explaining he got arrested for punching a security officer, and that he's looking for a name that keeps showing up on papers he got from the school.

Jeff finally reunites with the rest of the gang, and they all search the abandoned school together. They find a mysterious document from someone called Linnie describing an inhuman creature. Slenderman appears with none of them noticing. When the footage from the school ends, Evan expresses his belief it's the real Slenderman, and his desire to kill him.

Jeff's brother Alex posts his first video.

Land of Ashen WasteEdit

This portion of the series is defined as the search for "Ashen Waste", a hint given on a postcard, as well as Alex's troubles with The Rake. The gang is unified but still unsure about what is going on. Jeff is still looking for Jessa. This portion of the series is characterized by surreal situations which convince all Hybrids something supernatural is going on.

Jeff is sent a postcard which gives the hint "Land of Ashen Waste". They decide to visit the burned down high school. On the way there they reveal that they can't see the hidden videos, and their friend Jessie reveals that Doctor Corenthal is her uncle. When they arrive, they find a body on the ground. When they approach, they find a note in her hand, and see a creature called The Rake. They called the cops, but they found no body.

Alex posts a second video of Sparky, his dog, scratching at the closet door all night. Jeff posts a video montage in honor of his missing girlfriend. Evan posts a video speaking out against Jeff calling the cops on Damsel for her role in Jessa 's disappearance.

A video is leaked of the gang congratulating Magus for winning the aforementioned contest. The video is cut with footage of the gang walking around at night. Jeff sees Jessa, but Vince tackles him because he saw Slenderman.

In the video Ashen Waste, Vince reads the note they found, in which Linnie writes of her search to find a group. Coordinates are revealed for Box Three. Vince then shows footage for their search for Ashen Waste, at the location of a fire in Brooklyn, in a place actually called Ashen Waste. While there, they run into Slenderman, who Evan attempts to attack with a bat. Evan is injured in the attack. While looking for a hospital, they find Slenderman in the middle of the road, and attempt to ram him. Instead, they are transported back home.

The third box (actually a hollowed out book) is found, and includes the message "The Good doctor is not so lucky as to be dead", and 1971 letter from Dr. Corenthal about a patient named Evan (who is nicknamed HABIT).

Alex posts a video talking about how they found that Jeff's papers (from the school) were shredded and left in a trail that led to Alex's closet. The coordinates of the bag were revealed.

Inside the bag were a bottle of Powerade, an enveloped addressed from "William" to Linnie that tells her to find EverymanHYBRID, and a second seventies report from Corenthal. The letter discusses his disturbed patients Vincent and Evan, and reveals they are from a mining town "of ash".

The gang thinks they solved the riddle of Ashen Waste and head to Centralia, a former mining town where the mines were accidentally set on fire and therefore abandoned. Jeff finds Jessa's necklace and gives up on her. They promise to find the CYSTW girl, Damsel/Steph, and end this. The video was spliced with clips from A Day In The Life.

Alex uploads a video with his arms slashed. He then follows up with an explanation, describing The Rake.

The fourth hidden video is posted. This one doesn't seem to reveal new information like the other ones did, but ends with the text "His loss blinds him" in reference to Jeff.

Evan receives a USB in the mail. One of the files shows footage of the Rake in Jeff's house. Evan investigates, and discovers Alex's wounds. He informs Jeff. They search in Alex's closet (where there is a crawlspace) and find Vince's phone. They then hear growling noises and lock the door up with a chain.

The Seven Trials of HABITEdit

This period of Everyman Hybrid is characterized by the introduction of HABIT as an active character. HABIT creates a contest which everyone joins which centers around the theme of severing personal ties. HABIT reveals himself as a rather talkative character, sending tweets via his own Twitter account and cryptic "phantom tweets" on the EverymanHYBRID account. In the videos, the Hybrids are at a loss of what to do.

The Hybrids announce a fan meetup, and TheGreenFeathers, the Hybrids, and Jessie show up. They hang out in Princeton. After TheGreenFeathers leaves, Vince gets a frantic phone call from Ryan.

In the next video, the Hybrids are at a small makeshift memorial for Ryan who had been pulled out of his car and murdered. They explain that they received an email from Ryan saying how someone emailed him asking him to fill out an application. The man (HABIT) then asked Ryan for a pint of blood, and Ryan refused. The Hybrids put up the email and say they're going to register. Interspersed into the video is footage of Evan speaking to apparently thin air, with Evan talking about how he got "him" his fish and how we wants to see blood. None of the Hybrids can see this footage.

231 rabbits signed up, including Alex. The tournament was split up into three groups: The Angoras, The English Lops, and The Netherland Dwarfs. The tournament involved 7 trials that mostly involved the theme of personal sacrifice...tearing apart bonds to people and items. The Hybrids and Alex were eliminated in the second round.

The Hybrids respond to complaints of how difficult it is to follow everything by posting an "Update HUB".

The Hybrids finally found the Damsel at the mental hospital Jeff works at. They break her out rather violently.

After the events of the previous night, Jeff goes to work to find an email announcing that donations for Glenn and John's families will be collected. There had been an accident with a flashfire that killed two employees that night, which occurred five minutes before they had broken Damsel out. Later on that day, Jeff asks his work about "a certain girl" and is told that she had been released a week earlier.

After a few weeks of no updates, the Hybrids post December & early January as a brief summary of all that had happened. Vince and Evan attempt to change Damsel's voicemail and hear a disturbing message from Jessa being chased and screaming. They ask Damsel for advice, but she has none to give. Later on, Vince receives a call about "keeping Mittens warm". They check the burial spot of his long-deceased cat to find blood on the snow, and then have a run-in with Slenderman.

The Hybrids post the until-now corrupted video 77of76.avi, which was on the same USB as 78of76.avi. The location is the same as A Day in the Life but clearly during the fall/winter time. They seem to be in search of something but it is unclear what exactly it is.

In The Hidden Videos, the Hybrids and Steph record a video of themselves watching the Hidden Videos on a burned DVD. The videos quickly turn to static, and the Hybrids space out and speak in the voices of the Mining Town Four, apologizing to the Doctor for "playing a game", involving Slenderman transporting them somewhere. They wake up 8 minutes later passed out, bleeding from their noses and ears.

Evan, Alex, and Jeff attempt to search Alex's room. They crawl through the crawlspace and transport to the basement from 78of76 at Baldplate .

Vince posts an update informing us of the suspected murder of Jessie's grandmother, which greatly irritates Evan.

Jessie shares information she found about Dr. Corenthal with the Hybrids, including information about a storage locker and a key. They go there, and find bullets and knives, a rocking horse, and a strange device which looks like a radio. The door to the unit shuts on them and they are unable to get out. While in there, Vince starts bleeding from the mouth and Slenderman appears. The door then opens to reveal daylight, and Doctor Corenthal brings the rocking horse in, taking no notice of the boys in there, and apologizing to the the kids for failing them again.

Following a clue from the storage locker, the gang go to a library and find information regarding Doctor Corenthal, and take notes regarding his rather roller-coaster life after he was in charge of The Mining Town Four. He has been honored by his town ,and wanted for murder. Following this, they try to contact Officer Matten, but it is discovered that he has committed suicide the year before. Later that night, the Rake captures Sparky in the shed and used her as a "lure" to attract Alex. Evan tries to get Sparky back but is attacked, and Sparky is killed. It is also revealed that Alex still thinks his parents are alive and uses a boombox with prerecorded audio to communicate with them. HABIT has gained access to the CYSTW blog and begins posting references to serial killers in the past, comparing himself to them. Meanwhile, trial 6 gets underway, but one rabbit (FullRoundAction') is unable to go through with it, and therefore refuses to open The Jester's Prize unless HABIT passes him through the round. HABIT agrees to pass him, but he posts a series of videos that seem to show the rabbit being attacked and his roommate killed. Eventually, the rabbit reveals that he never actually had Box #6. HABIT leaves his fate to the remaining Rabbits, who vote him out of the Trials, leaving 7 Rabbits.

HABIT also sends a letter to Noah Maxwell from the TribeTwelve series revealing that Milo was once a childhood patient of Doctor Corenthal.

HABIT releases the seventh and final trial: "TRIAL SEVEN: KEEP YOUR BODY BREATHING." 7 Rabbits remain in the trials.

The Period of ProphecyEdit

In actions that seem to mirror a prophecy found in Box 5, Jeff becomes increasingly distant, Evan increasingly erratic, and Vince seems more determined than ever to film everything, no matter how hurtful presenting it may be. Steph and Evan's relationship has progressed and it appears that Steph is pregnant. Alex appears to have been killed by Slenderman while on the way to Jessie's funeral with Vince.

The prize that was thought to have been sent to FullRoundAction is instead supposed to be sent to Rabbit #228. Meanwhile, HABIT hacks Steph's blog and begins posting narratives involving famous serial killers, implying that he may have been in control of them at the time of their killings. He later switches to stories that seem to be collected from victims of Slenderman, or victims of HABIT himself. Including one about a young man named Nicholas who HABIT tortures and brainwashes into killing on command. HABIT also teases the viewers and convinces one to admit that he is willing to work against the boys in order to help them. HABIT releases two electronic files, one of which is a Minecraft level that reveals the password to the boys' Mediafire account. Contained there was an unburned copy of the letter sent to Noah Maxwell.

A strange hidden video is posted that shows Evan, Vince and Jeff in a candlelit shack discussing aspects of the series in a detached way, as if the events of the series were happening to someone else, or to some other version of themselves as they watched from "The Candleverse". This video has become the prime evidence for the Iteration Theory.

Evan and Alex post a video of the Black Box Device, found in the storage unit among Dr. Corenthal's things. Evan uses it in a manner similar to a Geiger Counter to detect the presence of Sigma Radiation in his and Alex's blood. Off camera, they test the rest of the cast, and they all test positive for the radiation.

Noah Maxwell comes to visit and they all sit down to discuss Slenderman and their possible connections through Dr. Corenthal.

HABIT releases two videos, seemingly to punish the boys for seeking outside help. A series of events are shown revealing Jeff spiraling into sadness again, and potentially attempting suicide. Evan and Vince are shown discovering the body of Lexi, a librarian that Vince had been dating. And, more disturbingly, Evan is shown fighting with, and eventually killing Nick, who they had initially suspected of pranking them by dressing up as Slenderman.

Jeff begins to withdraw from the group, and from the fans, admitting in Hidden Cameras and Email that he has been deleting mail from the fans without sharing it with Vince and Evan. Vince finds and seemingly removed several hidden cameras, like the ones that had been used to record Evan killing Nick.

At Christmas, we discover that Steph is pregnant.

The boys go to Pennsylvania to visit Jessie and discover that she is under attack by the Rake. Evan goes in to try and save her and ends up fighting with the Rake himself. Jeff eventually scares the Rake off using an airhorn, but, according to Evan, not before it kills Jessie. On the way to Jessie's funeral, Vince and Alex are attacked by Slenderman, and it is implied that Alex is killed. Vince undergoes a strange time shift and wakes from the attack without his beard.

Alex's death causes Jeff to withdraw even more and he asks Vince to stop filming. Vince eventually draws him back out by going over their old production notes with him, ostensibly looking for clues to their situation. They remember that Maryann Corenthal is still alive, and Jeff makes a connection between her and the property at Baldpate Mountain. He goes to get Evan so that they can go to Baldpate, but when he arrives Evan attacks him, stabbing him. Vince later goes and investigates but finds only a bloody sheet in Evan's basement, and evidence that Jeff had been chained to a post. He is scared off by Slenderman.

HABIT releases a photo of Jeff, bound and bloodied, enticing The Green Feathers to come and find Box 6. He also sends 7 pieces of a document to the remaining Rabbits from the tournament.

Vince attempts to find Jeff, but ends up being transported mysteriously in between rooms in Evan's, Jeff's and his own home, chased by Slenderman. He is eventually rescued by Dr. Corenthal and pulled into a wooded area that Corenthal describes as a sanctuary from the monsters. Corenthal sends Vinny home with the advice that he should avoid the monsters, and stop trying to find Jeff.

HABIT releases two videos in which he tortures Jeff, and claims to have killed him. He later kills Daniel on camera, and appears to be cradling the baby conceived by Steph and Evan. Several hooded figures that Evan/HABIT refers to as Slenderman's "dogs" appear to stalking Evan and trying to kill him, but they are ineffective. The video ends with Evan turning Jeff over to Slenderman.

The Final ActEdit

Final Act

In WAKE UP, HABIT releases Evan from his control, forcing him to look upon what he's done. He cries and screams with sorrow after witnessing the remains of his friend(s) in a house HABIT took as his own. Later, he calmly discusses the memories he still has of what HABIT made him do, and recalls the feeling of his daughter's bones against his teeth. Obviously traumatized and defeated, deeming himself a "monster" that's "had enough", he confesses he is going to kill himself by engaging in battle with the Rake.

In Isolation, Vinny receives a hard drive with a video of Evan preparing to fight the Rake, which he posts. The video ends with Evan surrounded by his knives in the woods, and the sounds of the Rake. Soon after in L'esprit de l'escalier, Vince is confronted with an uninHABITed Evan seeking help, who tells Vince of the physical pain the Rake put him through, despite the fact that not a mark was left on his body after he was torn apart. Evan admits frustration that his emotional state is not at all evident in his physical appearance—which HABIT keeps as he wants it. Evan, manic, details to Vince how he beheaded the Rake but it still didn't die.

In the video March 21st and after weeks of nothing, Vince theorizes that the only way to move forward is to summon HABIT to try to find answers.

(Meanwhile, in DEUS_EX_MACHINA , it is revealed in a minor crossover that Firebrand, a character from the TribeTwelve series, has or had a beneficial relationship with HABIT.)

In A proposal, Vince finds an old book in a store full of new books that tells him how to summon any specific entity. Vince explains how odd it is that he found the book given that he was sent down the wrong aisle by someone at the bookstore. He also mentions that the instructions for summoning have additions and deletions made to them by hand.

Later, in A summoning, Vinny and Evan demonstrate the summoning ritual found in the book, Evan reluctantly donning ridiculous clothing as dictated by the book and standing in an unexplained pose for a specific amount of time. HABIT, upon returning, laughs and suggests that he doctored the instructions himself. After detailing how he'd like to kill Vince, HABIT decides to spare him under the reasoning that Vince's determination could be useful.

Obituary has a minor crossover where Noah Maxwell addresses the situation regarding the HYBRIDS and HABIT.

Now having formed a team, in Lexi (Video) Vinny and HABIT search the apartment of the now deceased Lexi in search for clues. They come to the conclusion that Lexi was hunted by the Slenderman and that Vinny will endure much more before the game ends.

HABIT shows up in the TribeTwelve video Bridge to Nowhere . Noah finds himself in the Candleverse, where long-dead Jeff appears and inexplicably tells to Noah kill himself. HABIT shows up, calls this dimension his "home" and says that he has to hunt down Jeff and "a couple others". (This adds significant weight to the Iteration Theory.)

In Le premier cours, HABIT allows Evan control of his body for a while. Evan is visibly damaged and believes himself to be hallucinating when he sees Vince, counting and telling him to go away. At first, Vince believes Evan to be HABIT, but they soon realize what's going on and embrace. Evan gives Vince a letter HABIT left for him, which tells him to check his "comrade's back". On Evan's back, HABIT has written "Vin, Grandfather's nickname?" This leads to Vince's realisation that he can't remember his grandparents' names at all, and that, though he knows there's a memory there, he can't remember their faces. Nor can he remember the faces or names of his parents. Vince questions Evan on what Vince's dad's name and occupation was, and Evan can't remember either—or his dad, or his sister. None of them can remember their families. Evan freaks, believing HABIT has taken their memories from them. Vince, calm and trying to resolve the confusion, asks Evan to consider the details of his own house. Evan unknowingly confuses his house and Vince's house, and Vince concludes that they're the same house. From here, 'something clicks' and Vince jumps to the conclusion that the EMH crew "don't exist" and that they're "fiction", and their "lives were written for" them. A flashback to an unseen conversation between Evan and Jeff at the start shows Jeff divulging that he went to an (all-hours) police station once to pay a parking ticket, but there was nobody there. This conversation is returned to at the end of the video where it's revealed that neither of them could remember the colour of Jessalyn's hair. (This idea of the crew being "fiction" with predetermined lives—and that the world in which EMH is set doesn't function the way it should with regards to space and time but they never really noticed—strongly supports the Iteration Theory.)

In Amuse-Bouche and Three's company, HABIT makes Vince attract people selected by him so that he can capture, torture and finally, murder them.

Next, in Breaking the lease, Vinny expresses guilt for the people that he help HABIT to torture and kill. He abandons the partnership they've formed and attempts to leave the house HABIT trapped him in. HABIT opens the door so Vinny can be free, but Vinny hesitates, giving time to HABIT knock him out.

In Blue room, Vinny wakes up locked in Jeff's room with a computer monitor showing a countdown, indicating something will happen in 1 day. He searches for anything that could be useful to him, and finds a USB, a gun with ammo, and a box with a red button in the top. None of these could help him escape the room, so he waits for the countdown, expressing his gratitude to his viewers for their help throughout the years. At the end of the countdown, we hear the door creak open. Either the lights or video feed turn off, Vinny swears, says, "Here we go," and the video ends before he leaves the room.

In Christmas. Vinny and Evan (free of HABIT'S possession once again) have a conversation about their "not so good" situation while Vinny edits video footage (possibly of what happened when he left Jeff's room). Evan realises their gaming console works, and they play together.

Later in the video, Vinny, nervous and hiding from someone as he films, tells viewers to stop watching. The audio was missing or corrupt at crucial moments so the identity of some key words is not completely obvious. An audio file linked to on the everymanHYBRID twitter and a clue from the Canyouseethewords post, however, makes the syllables more discernable, and it's believed he says the following:

    I don't know much...But uh, the order is 2, 1, 3. Okay. And um, I-I don't know all the characters or keywords, but I know of at least "ark" [possibly "dark"], "home" and "Vin". Tell them to stop. And for your own sakes, stop watching.
  • The most common guess of the messed with words in the video are "order", "2, 1, 3", "character" or "keywords", "dark" or just "ark", "home", and "Vin" or "vim".

After seven months without posting anything on YouTube, Twitter, or Damsel's blog, HABIT posts a message directly to the Hybrids on Canyouseethewords about Vince. He provides a cryptic list of strange names, words and numbers pertaining to the apartment in which Vince is apparently locked in. HABIT stresses that someone should get this list to Vince, and included the hashtag "Callh1im" on the end of the post. The next day, an Unfiction user called Vince, and gave him the cryptic list from HABIT. The number was allegedly deactivated or unavailable when users attempted later calls.

After a long time without updating the Youtube account, Vince finally posts Apt 3103 and Part II, respectively. These videos reveal that after the door opened in Blue room back in October, something happened and Vince filmed it (though he hadn't yet edited the footage or shown anyone at this point, see two thousand three hundred ninety-five), and then he passed out and woke up outside in a field with his camera and a set of keys. We are shown footage of him being chased inside by three hooded figures. He reveals that Evan was there for a few weeks (during which the December video Christmas. was filmed), but left (the cryptic lists tells us he became inHABITed again). Apt 3103 shows Vince filming on several different dates across the 7 month period; he reveals that for ages he had no internet and no means of contacting the outside world. He shows and suggests that Slenderman is very close to the house, and seems to break down when expressing that he's trying not to let him in.

In Part II, released shortly after Apt 3103 (as Vince has an internet connection again), Vince suggests that someone is coming to the apartment, as it has been restocked with food by an unknown party. In this video, Vince shows viewers footage he found in October in the Blue room. The videos show Alex talking about his new camera, and then about how Jeff needed "psychiatric help" as he believed "whatever's following him is going to kill him". Vince also shows the viewers how close the Slenderman is to the house, standing outside the windows. At the end of the video, it appears the Slenderman is inside the house, and Vince possibly entranced by him.

By the events of Part 3, Vince appears very, very broken. It has been months since we as viewers had last heard from him, and things are not going well in Apartment 3103. The video opens with Vince wandering around his house in the early stages of a panic attack, muttering about how his couch has disappeared and the house is getting too small for him. It then cuts to Vince sitting in the bathroom, on the floor, looking slightly intoxicated and acting extremely indignant at his situation, surrounded with bowls and jars of what is presumably urine. He tells the viewer that it is now August, and he is growing restless. He can hear voices outside, perhaps the entities that had chased him into this room in the first place. Whoever had been bringing him food had suddenly vanished, and save for a few condiments, a few bottles of Mountain Dew, some olives and a bottle of red wine, Vince isn't looking too good nutrition-wise. His plumbing, including drinkable tap water, is gone as well. He sleeps on the floor now, as his bed and couch seem to have simply disappeared into thin air. The air conditioner is not only back on, but is now unable to turn off entirely, freezing Vince constantly, ensuring he is never truly comfortable. He laments on this, being alone in a small apartment for God knows how long, asking "why couldn't I just die?" Shortly after, the video cuts to Vince out of the bathroom. He says "I found what He wanted me to find. Doesn't matter. I'm not bringing anybody else into this." Then, the video cuts to black.

Just over a year later, the video two thousand three hundred ninety-five is uploaded. In the video, HABIT is filming himself and Vince walking through a forest, after apparently catching him after some sort of chase. HABIT commends Vince for his intelligence and determination and even even going so far as watching where he is putting his feet down. Vince, however, is done with all that is happening. Clips similar to those filmed by the hidden videos in Evan’s basement are interspersed throughout this interaction, with HABIT and Vince's conversation serving as a voice-over. Clips include footage of HABIT with a gun, secretly following Vince, who is running through the forest, trying to escape. Vince pauses in a clearing upon seeing a setup of a mirror, two chairs, a clock, and the child's rocking horse from his basement. He approaches after some hesitation and begins to inspect the objects before turning to see HABIT and running once more. The video cuts to show someone in the snow who has been shot and killed before cutting to a view of the forest as it passes by a car window. Clips also show Vince’s basement and the rocking horse from the storage unit on the floor moving by itself. He looks around for a few moments before the lights flicker and go out and several dolls appear hanging from the ceiling by their necks. When the camera passes over the pictures that Vince has displayed, several are shown to have gone blank. Vince touches one of the dolls and seems to have a sort of vision before running up the stairs and attempting to exit the house from the front door which refuses to open. Vince runs up to the second floor and attempts to open the doors there at which point the camera shifts to one that appears to be mounted on the wall above Vince's head. He tries the doors multiple times before one finally opens and he exits the house only to enter the forest again.

The video finally cuts to show HABIT holding a gun to Vince's head before changing to show a house on a darkened street. The video changes once more to show various streets and roads before switching to a projection screen. The screen shows what seems to be a continuation of Blue room. Vince walks into the basement and is obviously infuriated before spotting a gun on a nearby table and a note reading "No matter how much you scream and shout there will only be one way out." Vince denies this and searches for another way out even though he still picks up the gun. After a few moments Vince accepts what the note says and paces for a bit more before cocking the gun. Vince stands and breathes heavily for a few seconds before shooting himself in the head and the video ends.

The next video, Tradition. is uploaded on the 25th of December 2016. HABIT had asked Vince to create another Christmas video stating that it was "Tradition." Vince goes on to state that he knows what was seen in the previous video and that he can almost remember it. He then states that the next thing that he can remember is waking up in the apartment. Vince then explains that HABIT has been giving him limited access to the internet and encourages viewers to be safe if they insist on helping him. The video cuts out for a few seconds before returning and Vince says that he can finally see The Hidden Videos. The video ends with Vince wishing the Hybrids a "Merry Christmas."

In April 2017 Rabbit #041, a tumblr user by the name of shutupshea, received a package containing a floppy disk with the phrase DRKWND written on it as well as a URL to the website of a New Jersey lawyer named William Davidson. The floppy disck contained a zip file by the name of DRKWND.7z that was password protected. Two months later in June, a Reddit user named Alexgweeneyo locates the password, home213, in the video Christmas. In the zip file were several documents written in hex. When translated, the documents were revealed to be news articles about a psychic named Elizabeth. On July 2nd, Reddit user thesharp0ne sent a letter to William Davidson's P.O. Box, the only useful information on the contact section of his website.

Several months later on October 11th, thesharp0ne receives a reply to his letter with instructions to wait for a package which would be sent per a prior agreement with an "Unnamed Client." On November 13th, thesharp0ne received the package, originally intended for Adam Roberts, from the Davidson law firm(see the Roberts Package).

On January 23, 2018, thesharp0ne received a letter from A. Row, Davidson's nephew, which was apparently supposed to be included in the Roberts Package. One month later, thesharp0ne received a package containing The Princeton Tapes.

The package containing the tapes had been obviously intercepted since both the package containing the tapes and the letter with them had been ripped open. The tapes had been transcribed and digitized and the digital versions as well as the transcript were sent instead along with the destroyed remains of tapes and the cases for tapes 1 and 2. Tape 3 is missing and the rest are presumed to be destroyed as well. TheSharp0ne and his associates worked together to get the tapes and transcripts in order before uploading a video to YouTube. A link can be found here. The tapes contained audio from the late 80's which seems to have been recorded by a previous iteration of the current Vinny and span the course of about a year. 80's Vinny seems to have had many of the same problems that the current Vinny is having. 80's Vinny had multiple encounters with The Rake and eventually died from a violent seizure during his search for answers.

Backstory SummaryEdit

Dr. James Corenthal was a child psyhchologist, specializing in traumatized children, who worked at the Fairmount Children's Home. Four of the patients in his care there shared first names with the primary cast members of EMH: Vince, Jeff, Evan and Stephanie.

In a record from the Children's home, Corenthal details the intake of Evan, a controversial patient, also referred to as HABIT. A second record details the intake of Vincent to the facility, and refers to both Evan and Vincent as having come from a "town of ash," presumed to be Centralia, PA. The details of how Jeffrey and Stephanie came to the Fairmount Children's Home have not been revealed.

Corenthal nicknamed the four children "Mining Town Four." Following the closing of the hospital, Dr. Corenthal and his wife Maryann adopted the four children and raised them until they all died. Following the death of his adopted family, Corenthal left his wife and went with their fifth adopted child, Linnie, in search of other families that had been touched by Slenderman. A pattern began to emerge wherein each family he investigated were later found dead. Corenthal himself was often sought by the police because of this.

Corenthal's whereabouts, and whether he is alive or dead, are currently unknown, and beyond sharing names, the relationship between The Mining Town Four and the cast of EMH is unclear at this point, though it is clear that there is a connection.