Our Two Part Special on Sleeping & Dreams: Preview is the tenth video in the EverymanHYBRID series and the introduction to the two Sleep Lab videos.

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[Coming next week - we subject ourselves to odd sleeping conditions and act as guinea pigs, for your entertainment and health knowledge! Stay tuned.]


Vince: [Starts to speak]-

Evan: And, cut!

Vince: [laughs] What's up, Internet? Today we are obviously not in the office, and that is because we decided to do something special this week-

Jeff: Special.

Vince: Um, we're gonna have a two-part series, because we got a lot of good reception from the dream video that was very short and not in depth at all. So now we're gonna do two experiments to go in depth about dreams, and sleeping- Me and Jeff are gonna do one, and Evan's gonna do his own thing. Jeff's gonna explain his, and Evan's gonna explain his.

Jeff: Alright, basically we're just gonna deprive ourselves of sleep and be guinea pigs and, y'know, record the reaction and just let you guys enjoy that. I'm sure some funny things'll come out of that.

Evan: And mine is I'm gonna keep basically a dream log, um, about how many hours I've slept and record what kind of dreams I had. So, like, if I have a large amount of sleep and a good amount of hours, then hopefully I'll have good dreams. If I have not too many good hours of sleep, y'know, [get out of bed], depending also on what I eat, y'know what I mean? I'll mark that down so if I've had something good to eat, maybe good dreams? Bad eat, bad dreams- we'll see.

Jeff: We'll work it out, we'll see what happens.

Vince: Um, just to let you know: We're not gonna do anything too dangerous, we know that you get sick past the three day mark, so, don't worry about any of that. We got that under control.

Jeff: We love you guys, but we're not ready to die for you guys, so-

Vince: Not that much! Not that much.

Evan: [says something, Jeff chuckles at it]

Jeff: We apologize for the duration of the last video, we just had a good day, there was a lot of clips to [go over].

Vince: Yeah. It was nice because, y'know, the last couple of weeks were like, "whatthefu-"! So, everything's getting back to normal. We're pretty excited about the next couple of videos. So, enjoy, Internet!

Jeff: See ya later.

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