Announced late on Nov 19, early Nov 20th, with the following tweet: "We took Evan to Baldpate Mountain for a day to relax way back when. Now, we share the day with you, HYBRIDS. [J]" Attached to the tweet was an invitation to join them at noon on Nov 21st at the Mercer County Park Marina. Due to the short notice only one fan was able to attend. They went to Princeton and ate Zeus's Grundle (a buffalo chicken cheesesteak) at Hoagie Heaven.

Jeff described the events via twitter with the following tweets:

  • TheGreenFeathers was the first HYBRID at the park. Jealous yet? [J]
  • Took the gang to Princeton. [J]
  • It's official: Zeus' Grundle is now the HYBRID name for buffalo chicken cheesesteak.
  • I'm sorry we missed so many of you today, HYBRIDS. We love you all and hope to see you next time. [J]

thumb|left|300pxTheGreenFeathers, the only fan to attend, posted video of the event entitled "A Day With EverymanHYBRID."

Later, at the Unfiction forums, he described the event this way: "Yes, that was Jessie. [the girl in his video] Evan mentioned his negative feelings & confusion towards viewers who think of this as just "a game". We happened to pass the location of Box 1 on the way to Princeton, and when I pointed it out to them Jeff sped past it. Evan turned around the back window and glanced out nervously for a good 30 seconds or so. While in the parking lot, I was questioned regarding the contents of the box, they thanked me for not bringing it. Very vaguely was anything plot-related mention, and if it was, it was subtle/mysterious. Also, Jessie was wearing the same necklace as Jessa, if that's worth mentioning."

The next day the EMH crew posted their own video of the event, entitled "A Day With Green Feathers."