Nick is a side character who was first mentioned in Healthy Eating, but did not appear on camera until OUTSIDE HELP. Sometime after the events at the end of Healthy Eating, it was speculated by Vinny and Jeff in "...", one of the "hidden" videos, that the second, real Slenderman was Nick pranking them by breaking into Evan's house and dressing up as Slenderman.

On 7/20/11, an entry was posted by HABIT to Can You See The Words, involving somebody named Nicholas. There was speculation at the time that Nicholas and Nick may be the same person, but there was not enough evidence to support it.
Nick 2
Nicks first on-camera appearance, (as himself), in OUTSIDE HELP seems to confirm that the Nicholas being groomed by HABIT was in fact Nick. In it Evan confronted Nick about the "prank" of dressing as Slenderman but Nick denied involvement. The footage of the confrontation was dated May 18, 2010. Later in the video, in more

recent footage and after over a year has passed, Nick and Evan can be seen fighting in Evan's basement, and on Baldpate Mountain. Evan appeared to have killed Nick by breaking his neck.

Nick appeared towards the end of Dead end with a Pulse, in Evan's basement during an attack on Jeff. The footage of his appearance was in black and white, similar to the appearance of Dr. Corenthal in The Corenthal Connection (Jessie's back) where it signalled being outside time.