"My First Video Chaps!" is the first video posted on Alex's WickedStickyAlex channel, and the third video overall in which Alex appears.

Youtube DescriptionEdit

Me telling you what you will see in the future. Yes, this video will be boring, but don't let that fool you. The sights you will behold, the scenes you will witness... PREPARE YOURSELVES! Enjoy ;)


[Alex is sitting on his bed, facing the mirror, filming himself in it.]

Alex: Hello, YouTubers! This is my first video. I will be filming things I like to do. I will be talking about things I like. I will be talking about my friends.

[Pans over to the bed, where Sparky is sitting. Alex scratches her behind the ears as he talks.]

Alex: I will be talking about my dog.

[Pans back to mirror.]

Alex: But this intro video is more about my brother, who's psycho. He blogs and makes movies. He-- he thinks that his movies are coming to life, and attacking him. He thinks a supernatural stick is after him. I wouldn't care, if this didn't stop my parents from trusting me, didn't stop my parents from grounding me, and didn't stop all my friends from thinking I am insane. 'Cause I have that brother who's being followed by ghosts. I mean, I'm not even allowed to go out anymore, because my parents think I'm gonna disappear like my brother's girlfriend. I'm not allowed to answer the phone because my brother constantly takes the phone away from me whenever I'm using it, tries to call his girlfriend. But... the only reason why I don't think he's completely batshit insane, is because his friends are all in the same boat. They think something is after them, and I really have no idea what it is. They said it is a tall man. I don't think a tall man is following them. But, that's why I'm filming this, for a third party perspective of how silly they act. I'm... not stretching the truth, they really think they're being followed.

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