Lexi is a side character with no known video appearances. She was first mentioned in One step forward, two steps back when Jeff and Vince visited the Public Library to look up information on Dr. Corenthal. Vince mentions that he had gotten the telephone number of the librarian.

In HALLOWEEN HANGOVER, Vince revealed that they had begun dating, however the events of that video, left her current whereabouts and status unknown. Vince and Evan visited her apartment to find it empty and the black goo associated with Slenderman in her bathroom sink. The description of Twenty-four months listed her among the people lost during the events of the series, suggesting she is dead.

In A summoning, HABIT confirms that Lexi is dead, and suggests that he may have had something to do with it. In the next video, titled "Lexi," HABIT takes Vinny back to her apartment to search for notes that she had been keeping. Vinny finds a collection of notes in her pillow case revealing that she had been stalked by Slenderman. HABIT confirms that Slenderman was responsible for her disappearance, and notes that she was vulnerable because she was a person on the "outside" of events, not on the "inside" like Vince.

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