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Lady of the Light.pdf was attached to the YouTube description of The property. Vince picked it up during the video at one of the many locations that he visited. It was written by Maryann Corenthal and describes her decision to follow her husband's final instructions on dealing with his disappearance.


James or to whom it may concern:
I don't know where you've been,Dearest, but I wasted no time in acting upon your instructions. The morning you called me it was such a beautiful summer day. I was in the garden with your Mr. Roberts sister, Kimberly. After your call she told me I was "as white as a ghost" - I would have believed it, James.

I'll never be sure what happened, love. The call was saturated with white noise and you sounded terribly out of breath. There was shouting. And sirens, police and otherwise. I could hear the trouble in your voice.

I know you couldn't, and would never, hurt an innocent person. I think I may have understood what had happened once the police were finished their investigation. They returned the items found in your car from that day in Lambertville.

Among the photos of our poor, poor children, one old shot stuck out among the rest: a frame of you and our Evan at some silly, probably now dilapidated, water park, years and years ago. There was handwriting on the back - "It's time to go, love" - and I knew you weren't coming home. Whatever happened there, you were prepared for it.

I knew it was time to follow your emergency instructions, what we jokingly coined "The Corenthal Protocol" that night in Key West, over deep crystal handfuls of whiskey and lime.

I went into the attic and opened that chest you left me, in case of such an 'incident' - your disappearance. I won't lie and claim to understand all of these directions, but I love you, James, and I trust your judgement. I visited the scene of your last call, James, where the police claimed you escaped. I acted in a manner that was far too reminiscent of the old days at Fairmont, and broke into one of those untouched, crumbling, historical buildings we had always wanted to own, just outside of Lambertville. I know you're no longer of this world, love, but I know you'll never truly be gone.

Perhaps some real estate agent or park ranger will find this note and laugh at its odd nature... or maybe these words will meet you on another plane. Who knows?

It's my job to forget and leave. Doctors orders.



  • The title of the document is a reference to the video game Alan Wake, mentioned in Dead end with a Pulse.
  • Maryann is referring to the events that were described in the newspaper articles from The Microfilm Collection (Notes).