"EverymanHYBRID # 1 - Introduction" is the first video in the EverymanHYBRID series. Vince explains his plans for the blog and the cast is introduced.

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[Hey guys,
This is just a little program we've decided to finally get off the ground. We'd love any and all viewer feedback. You can contact us at or follow us on Twitter at
-The EverymanHYBRID Team]


Vince: What's going on, internet? I'm Vinny Everyman and this is EverymanHYBRID. We're here to show you that you don't need those ridiculously expensive gym passes and harsh regimens to maintain a healthier, happier lifestyle. We want to show you there's sort of a yin and yang between mental and physical health. So we decided why not make a video blog? We're hoping that we can put one or two out every week or so and we'd love to hear from you if you have comment or questions. You can reach us at twitter dot com backslash everymanhybrid or at everymanhybrid at gmail dot com.


  • The shots of the woods are an allusion to Slenderman, who is heavily associated with woodland areas. This is one example of the cast using Slendy to gain viewers.
  • Vince mistakenly says backslash instead of forward slash (or more commonly just 'slash') when giving the twitter URL.
  • This video is seen playing on a screen while Vince is being teleported to various locations in The property.
  • The "theme" music from this video is later used during the torture scenes in (Colon) D.

    Although debatable, it is said that the Slenderman can be seen in this last shot.

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