"Intermission" is the fifty-first video in the EverymanHYBRID series.

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[Video opens in a darkened room. Vinny turns on the camera and then sits down.]

Vince: Alright. Hey guys. It's me, as always. Uhm, alright. So, I'm here to explain to you why there's been a gap between the last video and now. I'm sure you guys have seen by now that some pretty heavy stuff went down, and we were actually going to Jessie's funeral... and something else happened. Now nothing's happening. We haven't really talked about it in days. There's been a video, just sitting on our desktop, but no one really has the heart to put it up, or to upload it to anywhere. We haven't even talked to Jeff about it, really. It's just been quiet. Anyway. I just didn't want to keep you guys in the dark. We're going to get it up as soon as possible, as soon as we talk about it, and come to a consensus about what we can show you... it's just... Alex isn't okay.


  • The phrasing "Alex isn't okay" is highly ironic considering that both he and Jeff have had videos entitled "I'm Okay."

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