EverymanHYBRID is a far-reaching story, spanning backwards and forwards in time over a 40 year period. This in-game timeline is an attempt to sort its events into chronological order.

This timeline will only show events prior to the first "fitness video." For subsequent events, please see the chronological timelines listed on the "Timelines" category page.

Accuracy of datesEdit

The exact date is noted if it is known.

  • Yellow dates are estimates based on in-game evidence.
  • Red dates are unconfirmed guesses.
  • Green dates are confirmed as fact with in-game evidence


May Fire discovered in a coal vein beneath Centralia, PA. (Based on information found outside the game.)


Date unknown Reverend Green begins abusing Fairmount Vincent.
November Fairmount Evan is admitted to the Fairmount Children’s home.
December Fairmount Evan stabs and kills a nurse.
Christmas Fairmount Jeffrey's father kills Jeffrey's sister and mother in front of him.


Date unknown Fairmount Vincent is found with the mutilated body of Reverend Green. He is admitted to the Fairmount Children's Home.
Date unknown A warren of rabbits is crucified and arranged in tableaux on the Fairmount grounds. Fairmount Evan is blamed.
March Dr. Roberts’ suggests that Fairmount Evan be released.
May Dr. Stevens, a childhood sexual trauma specialist, leaves the Fairmount Children’s Home.
May 11 After Stevens’ departure from Fairmount Children's home, Corenthal tries to dispute Fairmount Vincent’s admission to the ward.
November 17 Corenthal sends a report detailing the treatment of Fairmount Evan to Dr. Roberts, and asking that he NOT be released.
Dec 12 Fairmount Jeffrey describes in detail a dream about the night his father murdered his mother and sister.
Dec 14 Corenthal sends a report to Dr. Roberts about Fairmount Jeffrey's progress and his intention to place the Mining Town Four into a shared sleeping situation, secluded from the other patients.


Date unknown Fairmount Jeff and Fairmount Steph are admitted to Fairmount Children’s Home.
Date unknown Corenthal adopts The Mining Town Four.


Date unknown The Fairmount Children’s Home closes (based on out-of-game information).
February 26 The Corenthal children mysteriously disappear from their Ohio home. They are later found 300 miles away in Memory Town, PA, unaware of how they got there.
February 27 Corenthal journal entry detailing his adopted children’s mysterious transportation go Memory Town, PA, where they were found by Officer Matten.


December 26 Corenthal journal entry detailing the holidays in his home with the adopted Mining Town Four.


Date unknown Corenthal takes on Linnie as a patient.


November 28 Corenthal writes the note that is visible on the Ink Ribbon, describing the possible death of Fairmount Steph.


October 27 The last of the Mining Town Four “succumbs” (In a later letter from Corenthal he confirms that they died in 1981.) Corenthal decides to move east with Linnie.
Date unknown Dr. James Corenthal and Maryann Corenthal separate.


May 23 Dr. Corenthal spends the night in the hospital after getting into a fight with a local man while investigating the previous history of his adopted children.

Late 1980sEdit

Date unknown Corenthal rents the storage facility seen in The Corenthal Connection and begins storing items there. He pays an advance of 25 years.


November 12 Dr. Corenthal wrote the Corenthal Journal Dated 11-12-1990, recounting a dream he had about Linnie.
November 22 Evan is born (exact date unknown, but presumably November 22 as seen on A Day With Green Feathers video)
December 14 Dr. Corenthal writes the journal entry known as Noah Release 1, in which he recounts a dream he had of Linnie and tells of how she went on a search to find someone who may have been able to explain the demise of her siblings, the Mining Town Four.


Date unknown Steph is born.
June Vince is born.
August Jeff is born.


June 2 Hamilton Township, NJ honors Dr Corenthal and his ongoing work with children. Mary Ann (who had been living seperately from him) was flown in.


Date unknown Alex is born.


July 22 Dr. Corenthal writes a letter detailing his visit to Florida to attend a conference and his chance meeting with a young Milo Asher.
July 23 Corenthal visits Milo Asher and collects a small sample of black cloth from outside his house. (Corenthal Letters dated 7-22-1995 and 7-23-1995.)
July 24-30 Corenthal visits the University of Florida and speaks with a student of Adam Roberts. The student analizes the fabric he found at Milo Asher's house. Corenthal asks the student to design a device to detect the fabric's unique properties.

Late 1990sEdit

Date unknown Jeff is trapped alone in a fire in his elementary school.


December 2 Fairmount Children’s Home burns down (based on information found outside the game).

Early to Mid 2000sEdit

Date unknown Jeff and Vincent meet in school.
Date unknown Jeff and Vincent meet Evan.


October 11 Dr. Corenthal, now missing, is sought by the Hamilton Township police for questioning regarding the death of Jack Willers, after what appeared to be an hours-long struggle with an unknown assailant. Corenthal is not considered a suspect, but had been scheduled to meet with with Willers' "troubled" son hours before.


March 2 A warrant is issued for Dr. Corenthal in conjunction with the deaths of Drew and Maurene Henson of Bourbon County. Corenthal had seen them earlier that day in consultation about their suicidal daughter.


July 25-30 A police officer named Roger Paladino experiences a stand off between HABIT and a SWAT team at a warehouse, about which he wrote a detailed report that HABIT later posted on the CanYouSeeTheWords blog.


June 10 Dr. Corenthal allegedly burned down the Bridge street business of New Hope clairvoyant Elizabeth (last name redacted), and is wanted by police "for questioning in relation to at least three dozen open cases spanning 25 states including Pennsylvania and New Jersey".
August Following a melee in a Lambertville diner where over a dozen people were killed, Dr. Corenthal is once again sought by police. He was caught on a security camera backing into frame and fighting off the victims. His car is found abandoned near Baldpate Mountain, and he is suspected to be hiding out there.
Date unknown Maryann Corenthal writes Lady of the Light.pdf and then goes into hiding.


Date unknown Damsel finds her parents and siblings dead and subsequently burns down their house. Under Slenderman’s influence, she moves North.


March 21 First EMH Fitness video posted. See Timeline 2010.
March–May Thursday Jeff and Alex’s parents die.
Date unknown Officer Matten dies by suicide.