"I'm Okay" is the seventh video posted on Alex's WickedStickyAlex channel. Alex explains the events of the last video.

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still a little shaken. It's not sparky. It was gone before i even looked back up [sic]


[Interior, Alex on his bed looking tired and distressed.]

Alex: Hey guys. I understand my last video freaked you out. I just had to upload it as, as soon as I could. You’re the only ones that I can show. Showing my parents would, they would put my dog to sleep. Showing my brother… I don’t even know what he would do. Anyone else saw my cuts, they would think I’m suicidal. I don’t even know how to explain. Yesterday, the exterminator came. He was in my room for maybe 30 minutes and disappeared. He left his tools there. He left his truck out front. We called the company and they sent another guy here to pick up his stuff and that’s the last I heard from that. And then later that night I went to sleep.

[He turns the camera towards the door.]

Alex: I locked my dog outside my room,

[He faces the camera back at himself.]

Alex: Hopefully stop her from freaking out. And then, probably uh I-, after an hour of sleep, I woke up to this… terrible stench. At the foot of my bed was this horribly… disfigured thing. I didn’t even notice the cuts on my arm until I felt my back pooling in what I thought was sweat and when I looked down it was my blood.

[He turns the camera towards his dresser for a second before turning it back.]

Alex: I panicked, I grabbed my camera that was sitting by my bed filming my closet. I ran to the bathroom, you saw what happened next. And, I don’t even know what to do. I can’t tell anybody. Those black eyes. I mean, this thing is mus- much worse than some skinny stick.

[He turns the camera towards the closet where things are in front of the door.]

Alex: Hopefully, I’ve- I’ll be safe tonight

[He picks up a baseball bat sitting next to his bed.]

Alex: With this by my side. And that.

[He shows the slightly blocked closet door again.]

Alex: Uh, I dunno. I’ll keep you guys upd-


  • Alex's brother, Jeff, uploaded his own video by the same name.
  • Alex references his parents, stating they would put the dog to sleep if they found out what was happening. However, Alex and Jeff's parents are deceased, as stated in the 11/26 Ustream.

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