House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski has made several appearances in EMH, sometimes as a prop, other times as a "clue". House of Leaves is a story involving a house of impossible geometries, and is well known for its Mind Screw. The style of narration, recurring symbolisms, and use of subtle horror have made it very influential within the Slenderverse. It is often referred to as HoL.

Appearances in EMHEdit

  • A copy of the book can be seen in the introduction of the first five videos on the cabinet behind Vincent.
  • The book makes a major appearance in Jeff, underneath the USB drive that had the 78of76.avi video, with the circled passage:
"Why did God create a dual universe?
So he might say,
Be not like me. I am alone.
And it might be heard."
The page was marked with their business card, on the back of which was written "I'm onto something", presumably by Jeff. Upon finding it under the USB drive, Evan comments that he's found the book "that [Jeff] never stops fucking talking about." The passage in question can be found on page 45 in the latest edition.
  • Additionally, Damsel's queued post ended with the line, "Be not like me. I am alone."
  • The crossed out lines and consistent crossing out of particular words (mostly relating to water) visible on CYSTW is also very reminiscent of House of Leaves.
  • The crawlspace in Alex's closet that lead Alex, Jeff, and Evan to Baldpate and then subsequently disappeared in Last week / taking it back somewhat echoes the impossible interior of the house in HoL, and the near-impenetrable darkness in its corridors.
  • HABIT reads a copy of the book in "The day the world ended".