"Good things to come" is the fourth video posted on Alex's WickedStickyAlex channel. Alex announces that he'll be setting up a video camera to record all of the "weird shit" his dog, Sparky, has been doing.

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Eh not really action packed, just wanted to post a video, and tell you briefly whats in stored for you


[Interior, Alex is wearing his fur hat and walking down the upstairs hallway of their house.]

Alex: Hey, guys. WickedSticky here. I am making this video to show you... to tell you what I'm going to be doing for the next few weeks. I'll be setting up a camera in my room to hopefully capture some of the weird shit my dog's been doing as I slept lately. [He enters his own room and lays down on the bed with Sparky.] She, uh... during the night, she likes to attack my closet, and it's getting very annoying. And... yeah. That's really it.


  • The orange fur-lined hat Alex is wearing in this video was gifted to the winner of Round One of the Seven Trials of Habit as part of Box 4.

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