Elizabeth was an alleged clairvoyant. Her last name was redacted from all documents related to her. An October 1998 article from the New Hope Gazette attributed her has having lead police to the bodies of both Amanda Powell and her young child, Joseph JR, in Lambertville, where they had died three weeks prior to Elizabeth's alleged vision.

A March 1999 article in the Lambertville Beacon wrote that Elizabeth lead police to Carla Brighton after having a vision five days after Carla's kidnapping. In June of the same year, the New Hope Gazette described how Elizabeth lead police to Norris and Matthew Ellie, who were trapped in the wreckage of their car after swerving "to avoid a wildlife-related acci[d]ent".

In December 2002, the New Hope Gazette called Elizabeth a "local criminal psychic consultant" and stated that she was going to begin teaching Criminology 101 and Creative Writing at Bucks County Community College.

According to the New Hope Gazette, on June 10 2005, Elizabeth's business (located off Bridge street and "one of the oldest buildings in New Hope") was burned down, and police were investigating Dr. James Corenthal as the potential arsonist.

In the Roberts Package is a note to Adam Roberts from Corenthal, who tells Adam to "watch the news tonight" and "listen for the name 'Elizabeth'" as "she is going to help us.

The diner trap Edit

In 2005, Adam Roberts left a message on Corenthal's answering machine that mentioned them both "having a lunch date with Elizabeth in Lambertville next month". In a later message on the tape, Corenthal detailed for his wife Maryann how he went to meet up with Elizabeth and Adam Roberts at a diner in Lambertville, and bumped into an adult HABIT (who said "This will all be over soon") before entering. Upon entering, he received a static-ridden call from Elizabeth, who told him it was a setup, that they were at another diner and that Corenthal had been "given the slip". All the patrons in the diner began to attack Corenthal, and he shot at them, and fled to a tree identical to one in a painting in the diner's restroom.

Elizabeth then left a message on Corenthal's answering machine, saying that "All good things must come to an end" and telling Corenthal, "I’ll see you at the park, champ." She also directed at Maryann: "Be a doll and leave the lights on for me?" It is presumed that Maryann was able to follow the Corenthal Protocol and disappear before Elizabeth reached her.

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