The body discovered in Cops Checked, No Body by Jeff and Vince. It appears to be the corpse of a young woman in a blue striped hoodie, although due to the hood being drawn up over her face, her identity is currently unknown. According to a post on the EverymanHYBRID Twitter account, she was not identified as being Jessa by any of the crew (most notably by Jeff, who is/was Jessa's boyfriend). Upon closer inspection, it was revealed that the body bore significant wounds, notably on its wrists; it is speculated that these wounds were either self-inflicted, or that the flesh was viciously torn open by an unknown assailant. The body was found holding a note in its hand, which was eventually removed by Jeff. Immediately after the note's removal the camera pans away, and the crew encounters The Rake for the first time.

At the time the speculation was high that the wounds had been inflicted by the Rake. After Alex finally showed his wound pattern to the audience it became clear that this was indeed the case. Alex later confirmed that the entity seen in "Cop Checked" was indeed the same entity that he had seen in his room, making Dead Girl a confirmed victim of the Rake.

At the beginning of the video Ashen Waste, Vince reads the note from the Dead Girl's hand, revealing that it was a letter from Linnie, addressed to an unknown person, detailing Linnie's trip east to find the EMH crew. Also on the note were the coordinates for Box #3. Many speculate that the Dead Girl is herself Linnie. In the Corenthal Journal Dated 11-12-1990 Dr. Corenthal recounts a dream that he had about Linnie's death. The circumstances of the death in the dream match closely to the death of The Dead Girl, but the time frame is off by 20 years.

By the title of the video in which Dead Girl appeared it can be assumed that after the initial discovery, the girl's body was never recovered by the police. It has been confirmed by the boys that they called the police, but they found nothing on the scene.