"Congratulations Magus!.avi" is the "prize" won by Unfiction user Magus00 for his winning entry in the advertisement contest mentioned in Self Defense. It takes place presumably after Reunion and was initially thought to be one of the "Hidden" Videos until an angry tweet from Jeff proved otherwise.


Hybrids: Congratulations!

Jeff: -Magus! Slash, Jay.

Vince: Not related to Jay of the Other Series.

Jeff: The other series. The other one [with]-

Vince: [laughs] Anyway! We really loved your promotion, man, and, better yet, we loved the video and the little bit of humor you injected at the end there. It was really cool.

(Jeff: A little bit.)

Evan: But, um-

Vince: Little issue. [points to Evan] Bearer of bad news:

Evan: Unfortunately, your, your "reward", or your "prize", is gonna be just a little bit delayed... And, um, the reason behind that-

[Audio distortion]

[Video cuts to Slenderman walking, footage which was earlier seen in ".-"]

[Video cuts to Jeff and Vince talking in Jeff's backyard [1]]

Jeff: [And here(?)]

Vince: Yeah.

Jeff: We used to sit out here and talk all the time before she died.

Vince: Jeff. She's not dead, stop talking like that.

[Jeff laughs]

Vince: We're gonna find her.

Jeff: Alright, man. [laughs again] You wan' me sh- you want me to show you something her and I made last summer? In the shed?

Vince: Sure, man. Let's see it.

[Camera is pointed at shed. A shadowy figure is in front of the shed, and Slenderman is on the shed's roof]

Jeff: ...Jessa?

Vince: Wait, what?

Jeff: Jessa!

Vince: Jeff, no, stop!

[Jeff begins to rush towards "Jessa", but is stopped, either by Vince tackling him or something else]

[Video and audio distortion increases. When the shed is next seen, "Jessa" is gone]


  • This is the only time other than Public Service Announcement and one of the Ustreams (Where Vince said they got the whole fake Slendy idea for) that Marble Hornets has been referenced. The two ARGs don't take place in the same 'verse, but Marble Hornets does appear to exist in the EMH 'verse. In the most recent UStream the HYBRIDs made it clear that they still believe that Marble Hornets is fiction, even though they accept that what's been happening to them seems to be real.
  • The guys can see this and do remember this happening, but don't know how it got put into the "prize".


  1. "Re: Hey Alex, I got a question for you if you could answer it for me... Yeah, somebody linked it to me earlier, that was in my backyard. not sure when it was... "