"Business Cards on a Plane" is the fifth video posted on Alex's WickedStickyAlex channel. Something shredded a bunch of Jeff's papers, and the trail leads to Alex's closet.

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followed the yellow brick road to my craw space. Maybe some evidence of rodent activity. Wound finally closed up, gonna let it breath over night. Annihilation is in the future!


[Camera is facing the wall of Alex’s room with a painting and the mirror in view before facing the mirror only.]

Alex: Hello YouTubers. I, uhm, am making this video to…

[He flashes an EMH bussinesscard with something written on the back.]

Alex: Explain what happened today after I got home from school.

[He turns the camera to face the bedroom door.]

Alex: I passed my brother’s door and there were shreds of paper everywhere and then a trail leading to my closet

[He moves the camera towards the closet.]

Alex: Where I found one of my brother’s cards

[He shows the card again, this time flipping it over as well. This time the coordinates N 40 53.879 W 75 45.726 (the location of The Bag) and [Continue?] can be seen more clearly.]

Alex: With some, like a note on the back, and I don’t really know what to make of this.

[Alex pans the camera over to his bed where Jeff is sitting with Sparky.]

Jeff: Funny story with the Sam Jackson poster. My brother Alex here, he actually won uh, I think the topic was a self portrait in elementary school for tha- no, middle school? Elementary school for that that. Regardless, obviously those papers were… very important to us. It sucks that they’re gone, but nothing else was out of place and Sparky’s fine, so we’ll call an exterminator or something this weekend to take care of it.

[The camera moves back towards the mirror and we can see Alex before the video ends.]


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