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Rabbit #061 (Discord user DixieWolf) checked her closet and found Box #7, a briefcase. The combination was set to 704, and the briefcase opened right away.

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Contents Edit

Inside the briefcase was a lockbox, an answering machine, a spool of purple thread, a pocket knife, a rabbit plushie that had been stitched up with purple thread, and a padded envelope.

Inside the rabbit Edit

DixieWolf used the knife to open up the stitched-up rabbit plushy, and found the key to the lockbox in a ziplock bag.

Inside the lockbox Edit

The lockbox contained two tapes for the answering machine (labelled "Tape 3" and "House Phone 2005"), a USB drive containing the 18 audio files for Tape 3 (Google Drive. or YouTube); a shotgun shell casing, believed to be the one Alex buried as part of the Seven Trials; and a small pocket watch stopped at 2:12.

Inside the envelope Edit

The envelope contained the following:

  • A polaroid picture with a sticky note on the back labelling it “James, Elizabeth, Adam”
  • A burnt bookmark from Labyrinth Books - on the back, dates (1589, 1888, 1929, 1971, 1989, 1990, ? 1991)
  • A burnt newspaper clipping from The Princetonian reading:

In the early hours of February 14, 2018, a United States Postal Service carrier burst into flames and crashed on Route 1 near the Quakerbridge Mall exits. No terrorist activity is assumed at this stage of the investigation. One fatality was confirmed by Lawrenceville Police, with the name of the mail carrier being withheld until the family can be notified. Surveillance footage from the parking lot of the popular Wawa convenience and food store nearby caught a grainy account of the incident. Day shift manager, Pete Welles offered limited comment, as he was hurried away to assist fire and police crews who have been surveying the area after the explosion with further details. Welles said, ‘It’s really, just bizarre. It looks like… like something just punched it’s way out of the mail truck, like an invisible torpedo. Then, seconds later, boom. The whole thing is up in flames.’
Wawa’s classic subs are $4.99 for a limited time.”
* A draft of a magazine called Inquisitive Finds, Issue #50, "CRYPTIDS in the CLASSROOM?". The cover shows an illustration of the Jersey Devil sitting at a school desk. Inside is handwritten “PROOF - FINAL DRAFT - ROGER”

On the back is a printed article reading as follows:

(continued from pg. 7, THE LAND OF ASHEN WASTE)
But it stands to reason that although we are allowed to believe that these children, all orphans of tragedy, found some sort of safety, maybe even some sort of happiness, that we, the general public, will and can never know what truly became of them. May the protective services and professional help they were withdrawn into help remedy and heal through these horrific, death-laden events. May they know peace and receive the help they need and so deserve.
[A picture of two boys in folded paper hats is captioned ‘Vincent (right) seen here during happier times.’]
Perhaps future inquiries and study may reveal just that: a happier ending, a new beginning (to their young, troubled existences). We managed to catch brief glimpses into their lives, to observe seemingly normal people with happy children, and witness firsthand incredible bouts of unfortunate luck, deranged shortcomings halting a family’s growth, terrible ailments manifesting into violence and death, and the ever-lurking presence of a predator hiding in plain sight.
As time moves on from the environmental disaster in a small Pennsylvanian mining town, and we sift through the ashes of a destroyed community, finding tales of despair and true evil that had lingered just under the surface, almost waiting for that grand metaphorical (and sometimes, literal) spark to reveal such monsters, we should take solace in knowing that the love and strength of our human bonds and relationships lie within us. That while these stories captivate us with their extraordinary pain and scope, that they had swallowed up the lives of people just like us, and with this knowledge we must always stand strong against such terror. May we forever fight against such evil and hold a stark light against the great, reaching darkness.
The credits at bottom of the page are partially obscured by a burn mark, but the following is legible:

Roger [obscured] the lead editor of the publication you have just [obscured] had the pleasure of perusing. While cryptozoology [obscured] …ured the imagination and interest of our editor [obscured] his life, the personal experiences and stories [obscured] close friends has given him pause and a moment to reconsider the nature of this zine.

Tape: "House Phone 2005"Edit

Details Edit

DixieWolf recorded the audio from the tape recorder using her phone and uploaded it to Google Drive ('House Phone 2005'). This appears to be the answering machine of James and Maryann Corenthal. Among other things, it details Dr. Corenthal’s account of what happened at the diner

Transcript Edit

James Corenthal: Hi, you’ve reached James and Maryann Corenthal. We are not available to take your call because we are out having fun. So please leave a message and we’ll call you back. Thank you, and have a great day. Bye bye. [Answering machine beeps.]

Adam: James, it’s Adam. Wanted to thank you for yet another gift. It’s very appreciated. But, listen. You have to do a better job of keeping in touch. I spoke with Maryann. She laughed and told me that she finally broke you down and that you carry the cell phone we got you. Now just use the damn thing and we won’t have to be playing this ongoing game of phone tag. [He laughs.] Hey. Anyway, I hear we have a lunch date with Elizabeth in Lambertville next month. Think you’ll get the date?

[Answering machine beeps.]

Woman’s voice: [anxious and disjointed] Doctor, we [smelled the?] fires and we had to leave the area. The management [made it?] across the pedestrian bridge before the barricades went up. The police have River Road off - completely cut off and the firetrucks are blocking the bridge. We tried your cell after we realized something was wrong, but… Well… We know how successful that endeavor was. I was wondering if you could make contact with your wife. Anyway, Adam and I are safe, but we’re horrendously worried for you. Please, please be safe and contact us as soon as possible. Adam is on edge and telling me we need to get further away and is saying something about a protocol? Please call me if you get the chance.

[Answering machine beeps.]

William Davidson: James, it’s William. I just got a call. What the fuck? Call me. Please.

[Answering machine beeps.]

Elizabeth: [playful; sirens play in the background for the duration of the call] Heyyyy, doc. Missed you at the diner. But you sure as hell bit it with me! [Laughter, both male and female.] Well done! I gotta say, you have been a lot of fun. And, I mean that. But, well, you know what they say. All good things must come to an end. I’ll see you at the park, champ. Oh, and Maryann? Be a doll and leave the lights on for me?

[Answering machine beeps.]

James: [panicked; sirens play in the background for the duration of the call] Maryann! It’s me. I just - I just saw our son. I saw Evan! I was meeting with Elizabeth in Lambertville. She’d been in contact with Robert. We were all gonna meet at the diner, get a handle on the situation. We could learn so much. W-with her work with missing children, Robert’s expertise, and our whole situation? Anyway, we thought that the diner would be the best place to go, we’d be in public, it would be safe. Wrong, wrong goddammit! I made the wrong decision.

Before we got there, I was sitting on a bench, and a young man, he approached me. He sat - I, I fuckin’ leapt out of my skin, babe. It was him. It was our son. He - He was all grown up. He told me that this would all be over soon enough. I was so fucking scared when I saw that. I didn’t - at first - I, I was angry, too. I - I’ve missed him so - I need to know what happened. I almost started screaming. I was demanding an explanation, but before I could even turn to fully look at him, he was gone, evaporated - like into thin air. [He sighs.]

When I got to the diner, I got a call from Elizabeth. Wait, wait - fuck, what is it? Wait - So, anyway. I got to the diner, and I get a call from Elizabeth, and I heard that telltale bullshit static that we’ve heard on the phone before, you know what I’m talking about? I could barely understood her. I think I was hearing her tell me that this was a set up. And the diner that they were at, they went to, that they were at a different diner, that apparently I’d been given the slip, or something, I don’t know what the fuck she was saying. Anyway, I - I was wrong, I was in the wrong place. After I hung up, I looked around, and everyone in this goddamn diner was looking at me. It was spooky. I gotta tell you, their eyes, man, they weren’t even blank, they were just full of hate. Three men closest to me threw down their forks, and they just started coming at me. Alright, and then the whole diner erupted into this… fuck… just coming after me, so I started taking off.

I had my gun… And I’m sorry, Maryann, please forgive me, but… I was shooting people, I saw them - they’re dying, they’re dead - there’s a lot of them dead. But it didn’t even stop them. There’s more coming, I don’t even know where the hell they came out of, it’s like it was like out of the fucking woodwork, man. Anyway, I ran into the kitchen, and there was a bunch of cooks, that the cooks, that the - everyone in the kitchen was coming after me - the plate washer, the cook, everybody was coming after me. I saw one girl go - her arm went into the deep fryer; she didn’t even - she didn’t even react, she didn’t cry, she wasn’t in a shock of pain - she just starting laughing this horrible, freakish laugh. It scared - it chilled me to my bone, I gotta tell you.

I snaked through the building as fast as I could. But I - I couldn’t find a way to get out. 

There was smoke, it was building. Bodies were piling up. They were hurting each other, and I was still shooting at them. I could tell that they - the noise and the commotion had spread to the street. Either more of these people were joining the mob, or there were just people walking by wondering what was going on. But everybody was getting hurt. It seemed to me that everybody was coming after me.

Anyway, I backed myself into a bathroom, and I thought about what that wicked - that wicked boy on the park bench had said. “This will all be over soon.” A small painting of a willow tree hung on the wall. It was crooked. And I remember that made me think back to when all this had started, when we were still in Ohio, when happiness was still a thought, a goal, you, me, our family, something that was within reach, it was tangible, we could touch it, it was happiness, it was joy. Babe. I’m so damn sorry. We never got that.

Anyway, I got my way out of the restroom and I took off, and I heard the emergency response sounding, but I knew that they wouldn’t be exactly sympathetic. I tried - I tried to stay low and I kept moving. I stumbled through the woods and across the river road. I can hear the sirens, they’re getting more distant. But I know that they’re gonna find me soon. So I’m at the bottom of a hill, with one long path ahead. I see a tree just like the one in the painting. This is it. He knew it would end up like this. I probably should have also, maybe a long time ago, had I been thinking clearly. I know now that I’m being watched by him, Maryann. At this point, I know that that goddamn spectre, that fucking monster that took our children, and that I’ve hunted for all these years, he’s watching me too. I can feel him. The air is so thick, I can cut it with a knife or shoot it with a gun. Everything, everything has been leading to this point right now. It’s do or die. You know what I have to do.

I’m going to the tree at the top of the hill. I hope you receive this message. Know that I love you, babe. I always have, and I always will. I hope you will forgive me for dragging you, dragging us, into this mess, into this lifestyle. [He sighs.] You know, I’ve only ever wanted to help. I would love to believe that I succeeded.  Maybe, maybe history can avenge me, huh? Maybe it can tell our story. Maybe it will  help erase the monster the authorities paint me as. No matter. You know what you have to do. Follow our protocol. Disappear. Then. Then you know what you need to do if it doesn’t work. I love you. Maybe I’ll see you again. I sure as hell hope I do. I love you, babe. Bye.

[Answering machine beeps.]

Tape: "Tape 3"Edit


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Here it is… Jesus, the one time I leave this thing home.

[He sighs.]

Alright so I’m driving home from- [He sniffs.] ...uh, group, it’s about 9:30—or it was—I’m-I’m home now, but I left this frickin’ thing at home, of course, um… same road that I saw that, that thing, the dog, the...whatever it was, uhm…

[Pause. He chortles.]

Pitch black. All the sudden, lights. Or… one light, sort of changing around as it hovered, and then all the sudden:


Gone! Now I’m staring at it, trying to figure out what its shape is, cause it’s—like I said, it’s like, moving—and I miss this ambulance that’s like…

[He sniffs.]

...comin’ right towards me down the road, it’s fl-flashing lights and everything so, I swerve off, I… right into a ditch.


I didn’t… pop a tire or anything but, I look back up to try and find the light and it’s completely gone, which is impossible. Impossible! Because it was so bright, it was like daytime.


There’s something going on here. And uh… I think I need to talk to somebody.


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Umm, it’s probably around 3:30… in the morning, um


I keep having these dreams, of a man and he has

[He takes a breath.]

I don’t know if I just can’t remember his face or if he doesn’t have a face, but

[He sighs.]

I wake up feeling so weird after

[He sighs.]

I always mean to grab this thing and record it and get it down, but


This is the first time

I’m gonna try and go back to bed


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Vince: So I’ve been, uh, doing some research, ever since I saw that light a couple days ago. Um, and I think I’m gonna take a trip. There’s two towns right on the border between New Jersey and Pennsylvania about 35 minutes from where I am. They apparently have some sort of pagan, paranormal, witchy...stuff going on there. It’s pretty accepted there, and, uh, they have storefronts there for god’s sake, so I’m gonna see if I can just find anybody to talk to about either the naked ass dog, or the hovering, disappearing sun. Geez. Um, so yeah that’s-that’s my plan I’m gonna take this along with me obviously, uh, and I will report back any information. For nobody, I guess. All this stuff is crazy. You go to get better somewhere and… anyway I uh, will, see what I can do. 

Vince: So I am uh, just, a big old idiot. I am here in the New Hope, Lambertville area, uh, and I came here because there is a big like witchy paranormal research sort of scene here somewhere, uh, I don’t know why I assumed that there would just be someone on every street corner ready to help me out with my um, my light problem. Um, but there’s not. There’s not at all. Really really good coffee though um, lots of coffee shops and it’s really really scenic actually, it’s beautiful, right on the river, um, shit. I guess I’m kinda back at square one so I’m gonna go home, maybe check out the library, I don’t know kinda get my ground and like figure out what is going on with these two things that I keep seeing. And uh, go from there but maybe it wasn’t even a UFO maybe I just saw a low-flying plane and was like freaked out from the other thing and-

Roger: Hey, ‘scuse me, ‘scuse me hey, hi sorry, um, sorry I heard you say something about uh UFOs a second ago and y’know if I see somebody talking into tape recorders by themselves about UFOs I usually think ‘Hey! They’re my kinda people’ you know what I mean? 

Vince: I- I guess, uh, who are you?

Roger: Oh um, I uh, so I- I- I- I’m a editor um, the head editor at a uh, a little zine over at Princeton, um, it’s all about um, my name’s Roger by the way, sorry, uh-

Vince: Nice to meet ya. 

Roger: Um, it is, we’ve mainly focused on like um, y’know kind of generally paranormal type things uh, quote unquote paranormal obviously uh, my, uh, my- my specialties more in the cryptozoology side of things but we- we tend to uh, maybe get a Ufologist in or something whenever it’s a slow news day maybe, um, so, um, is there- did you happen to see something recently? Like um-

Vince: So, yes. I think? Alright I’m just gonna tell you, you may think I’m crazy, uh, but, hell.

Roger: Try me.

Vince: Fine, sure. About a week ago, I was driving home, I live right around the Princeton area I’m just outside of Princeton. Um, so it’s funny that I came all the way out here only to meet somebody back from Princeton but whatever. Uh, so I’m driving and all the sudden in the sky, really low and really bright, a light seemingly out of nowhere, I didn’t see anything like coming my way it just kinda “poof” and then was there um, and then all the sudden it kinda- so I’m driving lets say I’m driving North, it’s going South, it stands still for a minute and then starts going South and then it’s gone.

Roger: Was it just one light? Or was it several? Sort of like in a cluster maybe or?

Vince: Nnn- No, you know it was like one big, bright light?

Roger: Ok, ok.

Vince: And it sort of it- it radiated so far though it almost like lit up the whole sky that I could see. 

Roger: How did it move do you remember did it kind of like have like a, more like a vertical trajectory and then stop, perhaps? Or did it kind of move in like an arc? Because sometimes they can kind of, y’know kinda, they’ll- they’ll zip off one way and then they’ll stop and then people will be like “oh what’s that” and then they’ll zip the other way and then “oh- oh I need to get out my camera” and then the next thing you know it’s gone! You know? So, sometimes y’know th- there’s- there’s- they- they vary a little bit so I don’t know uh, do- do you remember anything more specific than that, or?

Vince: It definitely- it wasn’t- [He exhales.] it wasn’t vertical but I don’t know if it had an arc or if it was just going straight- [He exhales.] I- I can’t remember.

Roger: Well it’s something it’s something, y’know? Um, so yeah we’ve uh we’ve- we’ve got several people on staff who specialise in uh, in that kind of thing y’know? 

Vince: Cool.

Roger: Um. Sometimes, sometimes they say it’s um, uh, uh, uh, military testing which sometimes it is. Sometimes it is, don’t get me wrong but sometimes maybe it isn’t, so, we’re- we’re- we are the o- we’re more curious about the- the- the latter situation so, if you have any, any questions or concerns or uh, y’know-

Vince: Yeah, y-yeah, oh!

Roger: Or need help uh, with anything in that vein please don’t hesitate to give us a call or give me a- give me a call do- do you have like a piece of paper or something? I can give you my information.

Vince: Uhhhhh, yeah y-yeah here and my name is Vin by the way, you said you were Roger?

Roger: Yes, that’s right, yes.

Vince: Cool.

Roger: Sorry I was-

Vince: Yeah, no-

Roger: -getting a little ahead of myself, hundred miles an hour, sorry.

Vince: It is alright, yeah no I will absolutely give you guys a call um, is this- is this a you number or is this gonna be to your- your office?

Roger: This is a me number. So-

Vince: Perfect.

Roger: -uh, any time-

Vince: Right.

Roger: -generally speaking.

Vince: Huh.

Roger: Alright.

Vince: Awesome, alright I will absolutely be giving you a call uh, and there’s some other stuff I might wanna talk about later, um, but- but I’ll be in touch for sure. For sure. 

Roger: Won- Wonderful, looking forward to hearing from ya. 

Vince: Yeah, thanks- thanks Roger. Talk to you soon.

Roger: Absolutely, see ya.


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[He sighs.]

I had another dream last night. It was so weird...That man was there again, and it was almost like he….let me...out of the house, and- There’s like, a patch of woods, not very big, it’s not something you’d get lost in, so it wasn’t like a creepy ‘oooh, lost in the woods’ thing, but I went back in the woods, ahm, because of him, and I picked a flower, just stood there and looked at it for a minute. And...then I woke up, but the weird thing was, I woke up, and went to go put on my shoes, and go get coffee, and then, um...There was mud all over my shoes. And I, uh, looked over to the table, and there was a flower, exactly like the one in my dream.


I don’t...think...I can tell anybody about this sleepwalking, and this recurring dream. So, I’m just gonna tell this recorder. I wake up feeling so strange, like I have somebody else’s knowledge...I’m gonna try and catch a few more hours of sleep.




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Vince: Hey, Roger!

Roger: Hey, Vinny, how you doin’?

Vince: Good, good. Y’know, I- I’ve lived in this town for a while, but I’ve never actually stepped foot on the campus.

Roger: Well, I mean, why- if you didn’t have any reason to, why would you? [He laughs.] It’s like, oh, okay, I’ll- gonna pay a visit to the college campus, just for- just to spend an afternoon.

Vince: Um...Does it ever bother you that this is like, a medieval castle?

Roger: Uuuuuhm...I kinda like it, honestly. Um-

Vince: Huh.

Roger: Y-you know, it’s a good aesthetic. So yeah, do you you wanna step in here real quick, to-

Vince: Yeah, yeah, sure.

Roger: You said you had something to talk about, so-

Vince: Yeah, let me just- take a seat here, um, so, should I just spill my story and you can kinda pick apart what makes sense and what doesn’t?

Roger: Go for it, I can keep up, trust me.

Vince: Alright, okay. Alright, so I’m gonna skip the part about the lights, because I already told you about the lights the other day. Ah, but before that, so, maybe a month or two before the lights, ok, so the whole reason that I was even thinking about looking into the lights was because, same road, different night,

Roger: Okay.

Vince: I’m driving home, from- from one of my meetings, and-

Roger: Meetings?

Vince: [He sighs] Yeah, I don’t- I- we’ll get into that later, but-

Roger: Fair enough.

Vince: I have like a weekly meeting-

Roger: Yeah, I understand.

Vince: Okay? Thank you, I appreciate it.

Roger: Weekly meetings of a club you may not necessarily want to talk to the- details, I-I get it, I get it, I get it.

Vince: Awesome, okay. So, it happened every Tuesday, so I know it was a Tuesday, both nights were Tuesday. I’m driving home, look out my driver’s-side window, and I see an animal, and I’m like, “Oh, okay”, I kinda look back, eyes-on-the-road sorta situation, and I look back again, and it’s still there. And I’m going 45 miles an hour, and this thing is keeping up on the side of the road, like, matching my speed, not breaking forward, not slowing down, right next to my car.

Roger: Okay…

Vince: So I’m like, freaking out, because first of all, fast animals are- are scary to begin with, cuz I don’t want it...anywhere near me-

Roger: [He laughs.]

Vince: But it looks, a naked dog? Like, a dog that someone shaved all the fur off of, and then starved. 

Roger: Vivid.

Vince: Yeah, uh...I just can’t get that image out of my mind, between that and the lights, does that sound like anything to you?

Roger: I mean...Dogs can’t run that fast, horses can, obviously, and you know, maybe like a...I- I mean, honestly, it kinda sounds- Are you familiar with the Jersey Devil at all?

Vince: I’m not.

Roger: Really?

Vince: No, definitely nothing that leads to- like, I’ve heard of the Jersey Devil but I don’t know much about it.

Roger: Alright, um, well, it’s, uh- Honestly, it’s kinda weird that it’s that far north, because in all the stories I’ve heard it’s a little further south, from where you’re talking about.

Vince: South, as in...Alabama, Florida-

Roger: Yeah, sure, the Jersey-Alabama Devil, no, no, no, it’s in the- you know, like in Pine Barrens, that kinda area, um, yeah, it’s- it’s- it’s um, so, according to the- the stories that have been passed down, um, uh, it looks kind of- like you said, kind of starved and, you know, hairless...Did the thing that you saw have hooves, because most of the people that say that they saw the Jersey Devil say it might have had some kind of hooves, something like that.

Vince: It might have, but it was going so fast, I mean it was kinda low to the ground, so if it did, I don’t know.

Roger: Okay, so lemme- I’m trying to remember cuz ah, it’s- I’m not the one that’s been covering the Jersey Devil in our zine so I’m trying to remember, I believe it is uh, so, main characteristics, uh, it has- has hooves, obviously, like I said, like a horse, uh, same with its head, it’s either a horse, or maybe a goat depending on who you ask, um, uh, wings, uh, hairless, like you said-

Vince: Oh, oh, wait wait wait wait wait- wings?

Roger: Uh- Yeah.

Vince: Yeah, uh...No, this thing definitely didn’t have wings.

Roger: Well, it can tuck them in, too, y’know, to the side of its body, you know, kind of like a…like a, like a like, a- you know, an ostrich or something, you know, it’s got wings, but it can- it can hold them in real close, and sort of run along the ground, like I said, and- plus, you’d be surprised how many people say that they’ve seen, y’know, someone or something keeping pace with their car, like maybe if it’s late at night or something, running alongside, I’ll usually- a lot of the stories say that it’s a person, um, but sometimes it’s some other kind of creature-type thing, but… I-it’s, it’s kinda sounds-

Vince: The Jersey Devil?

Roger: Not necessarily, but this particular one, it kinda sounds like the Jersey Devil to me, just from what you’ve said.

Vince: Kay… [He sighs.] Alright, so if we wanted to find out more about the Jersey Devil, we- well, since you said you’re not the expert on it, who do you think we could talk to?

Roger: Well, so, down in Pine Barrens, there...there’s still a bunch of old villages down there, cuz you know those colonial era vill-villages that have still managed to survive by one way or another, um, and, k- y’know, kinda like Salem, I guess, uh, so, y’know, there’s people down there, um, since that’s where the stories kind of originate, so there’s, they’ve got, well, sort of like historical societies and people that are really into preserving the- the legends, that kind of thing, and you know, they’ve got, they’ve got like uh, you know, like park tours and speakers and uh, y’know all that kind of stuff, so we might be able to ask somebody down there if you wanna- if you wanna make a little road trip.

Vince: You know what, yeah, so- so they have people down there who are gonna like, know about this stuff, they’re gonna know like- not just about all the history- they’re gonna be able to talk about the Jersey Devil.

Roger: I mean, that-

Vince: And give us-

Roger: That’s where the stories come from, so I imagine they would know better than anybody else.

Vince: Okay- Okay, yeah, um, do you know how to get there?

Roger: Uh, I certainly do, if you want to uh, w-if you- you might wanna uh, partner up for a little trip, perhaps.

Vince: Sure- I can- Sure, absolutely, yeah!

Roger: Okay, so let’s- let’s plan this out this weekend?

Vince: Sure, absolutely. 

Roger: Looking- I-I’ve been wanting to go down there for a while to maybe include another feature, so this would be a good time to uh, y’know, kill two birds with one stone or whatever. Um-

Vince: Perfect, alright, so okay, yes, uh, so I will call you, I’m gonna go home and see what I have to get done before this weekend, but let’s...let’s do it.

Roger: Love it, love it.

Vince: Awesome. Alright, I will get back to you again, um, I’m just gonna keep calling the same number you gave me, right?

Roger: Perfect, I’ll be around, I will be around.

Vince: Alright, alright, catch you soon.

Roger: Alright.


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Town Crier: Hear ye, hear ye.


Town Crier: Hear ye, hear ye.


Town Crier: Hear ye, hear ye.


Vince: I’m gonna be honest, this place kind of sucked.


Roger: That’s South Jersey for you. [He laughs.]

Vince: [laughing] Wa-wait, so South Jersey is a guy in a wig ringing a bell outside of an old mill with no historical help at all?

Roger: Well, it depends where you go, I guess.

Vince: [laughing] I guess.

Roger: Oh my god. So I guess we’ll, uh, head back and we can figure out what’s going on at your HQ from there, I- I don’t know.

Vince: Hm…

Roger: How ‘bout this, just so we don’t completely waste this day. Do you know where Stockton College is, it’s not too far from here.

Vince: Sorta, yeah.

Roger: Well, I know they’re doing an open house...and I kinda wanna see- cuz they’ve got a paranormal society, too, and I kinda wanna see how theirs stacks up to ours, so, we could swing by over there, just so our day isn’t a total wash, you know what I mean?

Vince: Scouting out the competition. Uh...Yeah, you know what, we might as well. And who knows, maybe they’ll have some answers, maybe they’ll have some leads…

Roger: Worth a shot.

Vince: Worth a shot. Let’s do it.

Roger: Let’s do it.

Vince: Alright. Hey Roger?

Roger: Hm?

Vince: Do you know what 'Lucy the Elephant' is?

Roger: [He laughs.}

Vince: 'Cause there was just a big-ass sign that said "Come see Lucy the Elephant".

Roger: If you thought what you saw before was touristy bullshit, it's just - it's more of the same. It's- it's- it's uh, it's been around forever, uh, I mean it's just a building. It's just more goofy touristy shit. We can check that out too if you want to! They might have something...

Vince: Uhhh, n- you know what, not to offend Lucy, but I think I'm good, so.

Roger: Alright.

Vince: Let's, uh, head on down to Stockton-

Roger: If you're totally sure.

Vince: Lucy can wait. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm pretty good.

Roger: Alright.

Vince: Pretty good, actually.


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[voicemail beep]

Roger: Hey, Vinny, Vinny, it’s Roger, uhm, uh, I don’t whenever you’re gonna get this, but uh so I’m getting a lot of reports of, uh, some more of lights like you were talking about, uhm over in Lambert- Lambertville, over the hills, so uh uh, I wanted you to come because you’re- out of all of us you’re the only person in our circle who hasn’t like actually seen him..  first hand and so I kinda feel bad after, y’know after our- th- our last little adventure didn’t quite turn out the way we hoped it would. So I really want you to see this. So, uhm, it’s gonna be cool, it’s gonna be good for you, so just give- so just meet me, uhm uh uh uh uh, lemme think, lemme think, meet me at the abandoned high school at 10 PM, we should get a good view of it there, so uhm, either give me a call or- or jus-, or just meet me either one, I’ll be there regardless. Okay. Uhm. Hope you get this. Bye.

[voicemail beep]

[outside sounds]

Roger: Vinny! Vinny! Vinny come here, man-

Vince: Hey what-

Roger: C’mon!

Vince: Okay okay, alright

Roger: I jus-

Vince: Alright where's your stuff, do we have to bring it up the hill or how are we doing this?

Roger: Oh I, didn’t bring anything, was I supposed to? [He chuckles.]

Vince: E-excuse me? How are we supposed to capture this and prove it’s real.. if we don’t have anything to record?

Roger: Listen in my experience the recording equipment isn’t worth shit, because y- you know, even if you show somebody, they’re gonna be like “oh well you could’ve easily faked it with this way, the-, y’know you could’ve edited the footage and this and such and such-” forget it. This-

Vince: [interrupting constantly] Oh, w- We’re not even gonna TRY? We- we’re gonna risk getting arrested, for an EXPERIENCE? Roger!

Roger: THis.. Look, look, these like, these things happen all the time. I want y- I feel like, I feel like you should... focus less on the evidence gathering part and just.. soak it in, y’know?

Vince: [He sighs.] Alright fine, but what is the plan?

Roger: Okay well, so… Step number one: Get out of the open because we’re kind of exposed right now. Step number two: That school building up there, we’re gonna go up to the top floor- or.. what’s left of it anyway- and that should be a perfect vantage point for us to look out and see whatever it is we might see or are hoping to see. Sound good?

Vince: It doesn’t sound safe at all.

Roger: These things tend not to be.

Vince: [Chuckles] Okay fine, let’s go.

[Small time jump]

Roger: Okay so the spot where we're at right now, they call this ‘music mountain’, and the school’s up there at the top, you can see it right up there.

Vince: Yeah yeah yeah, alright but, shouldn’t we be.. Going there? Like, you can tell this once we’re up there.

Roger: Oh yeah.. I- I mean- I’m jus- I’m just giving you a little introduction is all.

Vince: Okay let’s go! C’mon!

Roger: Gonna wanna stay low by the way, because we are technically trespassing right now.

Vince: Yeah.. that’s why I’m telling you give me the audio tour later.

Roger: Alright alright alright, sorry.

Vince: It’s okay.

Roger: [Heavily panting] Oh oh oh, that’s- I think that’s the football field over there. That must’ve been where buckeye died ... I think.

Vince: I don’t care! We have to get inside!

Roger: Alright alright! Sorry! Geez!

[More heavy panting]

Vince: Woah fuck! What was that! What was that!?

Roger: Shit! What?!

Vince: That- look, looklooklook!

Roger: I don’t see anything what is it, wh-

Vince: Get down!

Roger: Jesus!

Vince: SHH!

Roger: Look there’s nobody.. No-one ever actually patrols out here. No-one’s gonna see us.

Vince: ... okay alright. I think it was just … a passing car anyways, so...

Roger: Alright.

[Both panting heavily]

Vince: [sighs] Okay.

Roger: You’re giving me a heart attack. Jesus christ.

Vince: Sorry, sorry! I don’t often break into places, okay?

Roger: Well you get used to it after a while. [He chuckles.]

Vincent: [Chuckles] Yeah clearly. Oh fuck, watch your step, watch your step!

Roger: Alright..! Thanks I almost missed that.

Vince: No problem. We should bring two flashlights next time, I think. Instead of sharing the one.

[He pants heavily.]

(Audio skip)

[More outside sounds, voices sound echoey]

Vince: What the hell Roger, there’s so much light pollution!

Roger, whilst Vincent sighs repeatedly: Hey relax will you! We’re gonna be up here for another couple hours at least. Look at you, you’re still all wound up! You just spent the week hunting the jersey devil, consider this a working vacation, you need it.

Vince: [Breathes in deeply] Alright fine. Should we look up this way? And is like that where we’re going, or are we going over here? The collapsed side, the not collapsed side? What about that?

Roger: I’d stick to the part that has a floor for now.

Vince: Fantastic.

Roger: That’s just me though.

Vince: Alright. It is pretty cool up here.

Roger: Have you never been up here before? This kind of uh, used to be a uh, local haunt when I was younger, I dunno if people still come out here.

Vince: No.

Roger: It’s supposed to be haunted, but like any abandoned place usually is.

Vince: Yeah sure, right? Everybody has a ghost story in one abandoned place or another. … So Roger, you think we’re actually gonna see anything up here?

Roger: I dunno for sure, never do though really, it’s- always kind of a roll of the dice, y’know what I mean? It’s kinda the, it’s kinda just for the- y’know the thrill of it that we’re just- or the process of it I guess. Y’know it’s, it’s almost like uhm, like meditation. It’s like uhm.. Thing- think like fishing y'know, if you’re only focussing on catching the damn fish then you’re gonna drive yourself nuts, y’know, you just sit back [inhales] you take a deep breath and you look out just  past the river, the lake, or wherever you are and you just- you just kinda soak in the moment, y’know? Linnie swears you can hear the river from up here, but ... I dunno. I can’t, I think she’s kinda nutty. But it seems like it makes her happy.

Vince: Woah wait, Linnie?

Roger: Uh yeah, Linnie, our assistant-editor, at the zine ... She comes out here all the time, she’s kinda the uhm, oh I don’t know, resident stargazer I guess you could say. I mean, hell, last week’s bash of the zine was almost delayed because she- she missed our time slot over in the dark room and we couldn’t develop any pictures, because then, she was out taking- long exposure of the full moon up at her parents place I-

Vince: Hey hey! Woah woah woah, Roger, Roger. I didn’t ask .. what linnie was in relation to the zine. You always.. You always talk as if the zine is like the center point. I asked WHO she was. Who is Linnie?

Roger: Hooh.. Uh, how am I gonna put this? Uhm. Have you ever.. been to a place that should just be perfectly normal, average, nothing out of the ordinary and yet somehow.. it feels.. wrong it feels off, the- the-, you feel the hair stand up in the back or your neck and you’re kind of- your fight or flight response starts to kick, well she, those are kind of her specialties. She calls them ‘blind spots’ and it’s sort of.. I don’t know it’s..  Sh- she says there’ there’ sort of, they’re kind of a link in between.. Kind of where maybe the- the- the separation between the natural and supernatural maybe a- maybe isn’t quite so distinct. And that's what she’s devoted herself to investigating. And it’s it’s fascinating stuff, I don’t understand it entirely myself, but the work she has showed me is.. is.. it’s something else.

Vince: Wait.. so, blind spots, so is th-, this is a blind spot?

Roger: I mean it-

Vince: She thinks that this is-

Roger: She thinks so, yes.

Vince: one of those places?

Roger: One- One of many, one of many, don’t get me wrong but, yeah, she-, that’s-, I-, I think that’s why she keeps coming up here all the time. She feels that there’s gotta be.. Something here.

Vince: So what.. What makes this place so special?

Roger: I don’t know.. I really don’t know. That’s kinda what I’m hoping we’ll find out.. Tonight. Possibly.

Vince: Well if you trust Linnie, then I trust Linnie. I don’t feel any hair standing up anywhere, but… we’ll wait.

(Time skip)

Vince: Hey Roger, Roger, Roger, top left, top left!

Roger: What?


Vince: Holy shit!

Roger: Is that what you saw? Last week? Is that it?

Vince: That is exactly what I saw, can you believe this?

Roger: [laughing] I’ve been wanting to see one of these for so long!

Vince: Fuck! That is it! That’s it! Jesus Christ.


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Fuck, uhm, it is uhh, 3:13 AM. I don’t know the date, uh, I had a dream about the tower again. This time I got close. I think up close everything sort of started to vibrate and I reached for the door and it was big and heavy and cold and I pulled ... and there is nothing. There was nothing inside. It was .. Stark white walls, the only thing in there at all.. was a telephone ..and uhh like one of those, I guess it would be a telephone table. Like the little tiny circular table that’s just big enough for a rotary phone. [He sighs.] Oh god. This just feels so weird. Feels real. I guess out of all the things that feel real, a telephone in a room that’s.. on the … [YAWN] On the lower end of the horror scale, so that’s good I guess.


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[wheezing] So I, uh… sorry, I gotta figure out how I’m even gonna say this. I had another one of those dreams, one of those fucking lifelike.... Except it wasn't a dream. I don’t think they’ve ever been dreams. I dreamt that I was somewhere, I think I got in through a window? And I grabbed a bunch of papers and I ran, and I ran all the way home, and I know it was barefoot, and I know that because it was squishy and wet and it just rained... and as my foot hit the earth and i sunk to my ankle in mud, I woke up. And I look down, and there it is - my left foot covered in mud. My right foot covered in grass. So I get up, start looking around, and there is a trail - a fucking trail from my doorway to my bed. I don’t know if I was sleepwalking, but anyway.. I check out this envelope, or this paper - little bifold - and it’s got fucking documents. Stories. Halves of stories. Proofs. Proofs of the cover for - what is this - Issue 50 of Roger’s fucking zine. And what is on the back? Fuckin’ Roger. “Story about Vin. I think this thing that I see in my dreams, this man… I think he’s real. And I think this whole time, he’s been trying to get me to reach out. I’m not sure why. I don’t fucking understand it. And Roger will just take any goddamn story that comes across his fucking desk. And if this is what that thing wants, why are we giving it to him? I shouldn’t even need to say it! I shouldn’t even need to tell Roger not to touch the story. Whatever this thing wants? Whatever this monster wants from me… he’s not getting it. And Roger is not getting his fucking story to make me look like an idiot. Goddamnit! I can’t keep holding it together like this. I can’t keep holding it together like this. I don’t fucking sleep, I don’t fucking eat… and the people I trust, the people I trust just fucking exploit it. And yeah, so what Roger’s story is “tasteful, more tasteful than the other shit he puts out? I’m not in control. I don’t think I have been for a long time, and it’s horrifying. And these dreams, I know they’re not dreams, I know that they’re fucking not dreams. I’ve lived them. They’re real, it’s just a little hazy. And it’s somebody else moving my body. It’s not me, though.


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Okay-are we? Okay, so get this. I’m looking through these papers that I guess I took from Roger.

[He sighs.]

And that son of a bitch was investigating that missing kid, the one that I saw from Stockton. And that all somehow tied into his uhh “Ashen Waste” story. It just doesn't make sense. 

[He sighs.]

There's this home, the Fairmount Home for children. It’s where the Ashen Waste kids ended up. 

[He sighs.]

It just doesn't make sense. It doesn't fucking- both the kids, both the Vinnies and me, I guess. We look the same, we have the same name. Some of the-some of the story that Roger had written. Maybe it’s nothing- I don’t know- we’re getting close to something though. I can feel it, I can see it in my dreams. 

The Man is not happy, and he’s sure as fuck is letting me know it. 

I think Fairmount is the key. Or at least-

[He sighs.]

The starting point, the guiding force I don’t know it’s something. 

I’m about to be looking into this.


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What the fuck. It is- uh- 3:30 in the morning and someone has been calling me for the last 20 minutes. 

[Knocking and a pause.] It sounds like they’re leaving a message.

[answering tone beep]

Patrick, over phone: Vin? Vin? Is this Vin? God, pick up your fucking phone god dammit it’s fucking cold out here Jesus fuck- There’s something I- [labored breathing] [He sighs.] Need to talk to you, theres- [hums] Like- You already fuckin know, man. I- uh- ?tower man you? like had dreams about kinda just- (unsure about the first few words in question marks; it’s vaguely rushed gibberish) pick up your fucking phone please man please please please- 

[answering tone beep]

Vince: The- The tower, how the fuck did he know about that? Shit. Okay, alright, okay. [deep breath] The tower. Alright, I’m gonna go tomorrow. Maybe I can figure this shit out.

[Shuffling in clothing] 


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[Phone ringing] 

Vince: Yeah, Hello?

Roger, over phone: Hey, Vinny, this is Roger, how you doin? Uhm, so, little bit of a snag on my end, I seem to have misplaced the original copy of the true crime article I was gonna publish this weekend? So I- I really need just some- something just short and sweet, y’know? And I was just kinda wondering.. Iunno- You have any leads or- anything like that? I’d love to tag along if you do.

Vince: Was- Was that the, uh, the Ashen Waste one?

Roger: Yeah yeah yeah, that one, uhm...

Vince: Oh shit, I’m- I’m sorry man.

[Roger sighs while Vinny says ‘uhm’ simultaneously]

Vince: Look- [He sighs.] Yeah, yeah- [huffs] It’s kinda big, though. A project.

Roger: Alright, even better. [Pause.] Hit me.

Vince: I just got off the phone with somebody and- [He sighs.] I dunno if we can trust him.

Roger: ...Okay.

Vince: Uhm, [inhales] Do you remember Lucy the Elephant?

Roger: [He wheezes out a slight laugh.]

Vince: Saw it on the way back from Stockton?

Roger: Yes, I remember, Lucy the- We got the- the- the legend of the haunted elephant’s ass or something-

Vince: Yeah yeah yeah that’s the one. Uhm- uh- he said to meet him there. You know what I-

Roger: Oh you- oh.

Vince: I- It’s probably not that big of a deal, I’m p- I’m- I think I’m just blowing it out of proportion here, but uhm, do you wanna meet up, let’s say, 5, we’ll meet there?

Roger: [He stammers.] Yeah, sure, alright, uhm, could-

Vince: Okay- Great, great, uh, look, Roger, I- I gotta go- I gotta take care of some stuff, but uh, I’ll see you today.

Roger: Uh- Okay, that could be- could be- alright.


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d whistling, along with Vinny breathing moderately heavy]

I made it to the- uh- lake. It feels just like those dreams. Like the Earth is vibrating and the air is vibrating against it. Alright, here I go.

[Vinny takes a deep breath]

The door is red and heavy.


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[Thud of heavy door]

It’s different than my dream- the- the... the table’s there, and the phone, but there’s also… another table to my- to my left.

[Pause. He exhales softly.]

The table has a clock, with broken hands.


And something else what’s-

[Phone rings twice]


Patrick: Hi- Is this, uh, Vinny? Hey bud. No, you don’t have to say anything, I know it’s you- uh.. I just wanted to have a chat with you real quick. Cause I’ve seen what you’ve been doin’ and I’m likin’ it. I’m likin’ the motivation and everything like that, but-

[Bursts into a coughing fit]


[Coughs more]

I- uh- 


Look, Vin, I- ...I guess I’m kinda past playing games- uh. You’re lookin’ for safety. You’re lookin’ for… Vin, a man, and you’re lookin’ for monsters, man. And they’re watching you. And I know you’re lookin’ for a way out. And, there’s gonna be a whole bunch of people that’s just seein’ you blow your fuckin’ brains out, or you build some sort of fucking weapon, but-  you gotta trust me, I’ve been here a long, long, time, I do what you guys do but I remember every single fuckin’ time, and-

[He sighs.]

Every route leads to the same fuckin end and... There’s no way out. You’re not even a part of a game of chess, you’re just a-a-a fuckin route in a game of Settlers of Cataan, or some shit, I dunno man. You're a cog in the machine or whatever. And they like you for some reason. 

[Pause. He snaps his fingers.]

The other one told you- you- He said you had a sister, right? I had a brother, too. Meet ‘em, Vin. Another you did, in another time. He had, has, he will have...siblings. He will, eventually. But we're gonna fuck up every single time, and they’re gonna die.


And every time, you just have to figure out not to take it personally. You’re unwilling in this, but you’re a piece of the machine. I guess it’s to your benefit that you’re good at it, though. Maybe you’ll realize that before this one ends. 

[He sighs.]

I dunno man, I’m kinda jealous of you. It frustrates the fuck out of me that I remember everything but I don’t get this kinda treatment but- you... You’re smarter than you give yourself credit for. 

You miss your friends, yeah. 


I don’t really need a response I guess. Rude. Uh- I think we both know you’ll see them soon, Vin. But that’s why you're caught in this fucking shitstorm. You and them. He likes you. Because you’re different from the usual bodies. You’re not like me. See, my whole fuckin’ thing is I know they get stronger, the more that we spread the knowledge of their existence its- a fucking virus loop, man, it feeds them. It’s more toys in their fuckin’ toybox. Every soul you touch, every friend, family member, lover, and stranger that you interact with, willing or not, you roped them fucking into this, they’re all a part of this and they’re all trying- God dammit, man. 

I guess that’s what makes us different. You’re efficient. I mean- It’s probably too good for your own safety, honestly. A squeaky wheel gets the grease, to a certain extent, I guess. 

[He sighs.]

You will see them again, though. they’ll be different and you’ll be different. You won’t remember, you’re all just fuel cells in- fuckin’- I dunno, do you need any more fucking analogies, I don’t think you do at this point, it sounds patronizing.



[He stammers.]

Maybe you’re a mechani- no, you’re not a mechanic, Jesus Christ, I dunno, man. You’re- you’re something- you’re something, and they like you. But they’ll always change the game up and evolve. 

Because they will always be ahead of you. And because the end result, their spoils, it’s always the same.

[He exhales.]

I guess that’s all I can give you, really. There’s someone else, uh, who’s kinda doin’ some similar shit to you, you’re both gonna lose, but- Fuck, man, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t admire you trying.


One is going to break the machine, I guess, he’s beginning to understand it. But, y’know, after every cycle it shifts a little bit at the end, you win a little bit more every time. So that’s gonna take... endless cycles, man. But, maybe eventually you and I will, uh, be done with this. Or slow it down. 

Maybe we’ll undo this. 

Actually the one who probably will used to be your dad. Who was also another you in another time, I guess- James Corenthal, I’m pretty sure you know that name. 

He’s about done, though. 


Look the only reason I even reached out is... I guess to try and push the wheel a little further. You’re doin’ well man and god damn, you are.. not gonna make it out of this and that’s a bummer. But you might, eventually. I feel a desperation and... I felt the solidarity, so. 

[He sighs.]

Good luck, man, I mean that. I’ll s- I’ll see you around the bend.


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[Heavy breathing]

[Hushed voice] Who was that?

How… How did he know exactly... how I felt? I knew it, I knew there was something wrong. I knew that- the Vincent that Roger had been investigating, the Vincent we saw at Stockton... It was just too much to be a coincidence. And then the Fairmount home.

[He sighs.]

If this is true, if what this guy’s saying.. This fucking voice over the wire- ...means that I’m someone else’s pawn. 

And that weird- the weird dream state- the dreams- the sleepwalking- whatever it is, the man with no face… he is trying to get me to make contact with someone, to make a meaningful connection, to spread, to get power.

[He sighs.]

I guess at least if nothing else, i stopped Roger from releasing his zine. So i might’ve stopped wh- the four people who read it from getting tangled up in this.

[Mutters] Jesus.

I knew there was something wrong. Something wrong with me.

When I picked up that phone it was- it was sort of like the haze, like I wasn’t in control. And- I dunno- I just froze and it happens when I’m awake.. now. and I can’t let this happen to anyone else.

[Hushed] Fuck.

[Raising in tone] Fuck!

There’s a table to my left.

There’s a clock with broken hands..

There’s also a basket, wrapped in cellophane, with ribbon...

It’s a gift basket... It’s filled with pills. I’m not sure what kind.

There's a note attached.

It says: “the gift of knowledge is one that he’ll wanna take back. Do us all a favor.

I guess he’s right.

It’s the only way… that I can protect other people. The only way that I can protect myself.

I guess I’m, uh, I guess I’m signing off.

Notes Edit

  • The woman with Adam Roberts who left Corenthal a message is likely Kimberly, his sister, who is mentioned in the Lady of the Light pdf.
  • Roger is played by Tim Sutton, who played the character Tim in Marble Hornets.
  • It is speculated that Roger may be Roger Paladino, a police officer who was hunting HABIT in the early 2000s. Roger Paladino was captured — and presumabily killed — by HABIT.
  • In 2010, DixieWolf shared on theUnfiction forum that she had dreamed of a letter covered in the roman numerals VII (seven). This foretold both the coming receipt of Corenthal Letter dated 10-27-1981, and DixieWolf herself receiving Box #7, over eight years later.

Speculation Edit

  • Elizabeth set Corenthal up because she was possessed by HABIT.

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