Box 6 is not a video on the main EMH channel, but is instead on the channel of TheGreenFeathers. It shows the finding of Box #6.

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Received an e-mail containing coordinates. I followed them, and found something of interest.


Green Feathers: What's up you guys? It's The Green Feathers. Got an email from you know who with a bunch of coordinates sending me out into the middle of nowhere. I have almost no fucking idea where I am right now. And honestly I don't feel very comfortable coming out here after what I've seen. But you gotta do what you gotta do. [He walks down a path until he finds a tree stand. There is purple tape and blood on the ladder.] What th'? [He climbs and begins to retrieve something.]

HABIT: Green!

Green Feathers: What the fuck?

HABIT: How's about you come down there, brother?

Green Feathers: Oh, shit.

HABIT: Watch your step, dude. [He continues talking but it is covered by the sound of Green Feathers fumbling with the camera on the ladder.]

Green Feathers: Oh shit.

HABIT: Told you. You know, you're pretty clever, man. Finding your way out here. Finding the stash I left for you. Very resourceful. I like that. Pretty clever.

Green Feathers: I don't want any trouble, man.

HABIT: Don't worry. I'm not here to hurt you, Green. I'm here to talk. Here's what I want to talk about. What you got in your hand right there? What is it? Take a look at it? Know what that is?

Green Feathers: It's a knife.

HABIT: It's a knife. It's a knife. Yeah. See what's inside of it? That's called paper. That's a note for you. And I think, what you left all over the ladder there... that's ink ribbon. Those are all for you Green. Don't worry about it now. I want you to take all this shit that you collected today on your little solo adventure in the woods and I want you to share it with your friends. You think you can do that for me, Green? I said, "Do you think that you can do that for me, Green?"

Green Feathers: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, man, yeah.

HABIT: That's all I wanted. I just want...fucking...acknowledge it...' [he turns from the camera muttering unintelligibly.]

Green Feathers: What the fuck?

HABIT: Good! Then you have a good day man. Oh! And, uhm... I'd keep that knife if I was you, 'cause sooner or later you'll be seeing me again, and I'll have one of my own.

Green Feathers: What the fuck?

HABIT: About... yea big. Just warning ya! I'm pretty good with them. Get ready, son. [Makes a joyful 'whoop!' as he happily hops over a fallen branch.] See ya later!

~end video~



  • Evan is possessed by HABIT during this video, and we are hearing HABIT speak, not Evan. 
  • This took place the same day or the day after :D HABIT/Evan is wearing what looks to be the same clothes. HABIT/Evan could have been tourturing Jeff for months.

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