Box 4 was included as part of the prize sent to TheNightmareComplex (Rabbit #098) for winning Round 1 of The Seven Trials Of HABIT.

It contained The Corenthal Letter dated 2-27-1975, a second piece of the Centralia Note, and an orange fur lined hat that was last seen on Alex's head in Business Cards on a Plane.

The box itself was wrapped in purple tape, and had several deep scratches on it, and holes through it. On the lid of the box was scratched the name/word "HABIT."


  • The partial piece of paper fits perfectly with the Centralia Note seen in Last week / taking it back. So far the note says "shade's password to the". Who or what "shade" is and what the password is for is unknown at this point. It is speculated that there are two more pieces of the note yet to be discovered.


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