Box 3 was found at the coordinates N 40.301407, W -074.873561, in Titusville, NJ, near Baldpate Mountain. The coordinates were found on the letter found in the Dead Girl's hand, and read to the audience at the start of Ashen Waste.

It was retrieved by Unforum member FlyingWarhorse and his wife on October 25, 2010. Unlike the previous two boxes, this wasn't actually a box at all. Rather, it was a fake, hollowed out book. Contained within were:

  • Three pictures, burnt, cut, and otherwise defaced
  • An EverymanHYBRID business card (with "FEED THE HABIT" written on the reverse side)
  • A piece of paper with encoded writing (Unforumers decoded this as, "The Good doctor is not so lucky as to be dead. Just dealing with some old habits.")
  • Another folded piece of paper, marked 3/7, with the message, "There is no veiling your perception as anything more than illusion."
  • Most interestingly, a two-page report from Dr. Corenthal dated November 17, 1971, detailing a few events surrounding "HABIT ", his juvenile patient at the time

Not only do Dr. Corenthal's papers provide some elucidation as to who or what HABIT is, but it also identifies HABIT as the maternal nickname of a patient named "Evan". Whether or not this is the same Evan as the HYBRID crew-member remains to be seen, but seems doubtful given the near 40 years between Dr. Corenthal's report and the filming of the EverymanHYBRID series.

To date, Box #3 has contained the most objects and provided the most information regarding the mysteries of EMH out of the three boxes found so far.

As with the other boxes, it was marked 3/7, presumably suggesting that this is box 3 out of 7 boxes.



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