• PsycheTrauma

    Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this, but coming so close to the new year I need some help of sorts? Yeah, I guess it's help XD

    Anyways, I'm looking to upload various umm not books, but like chapters (?) online of funny/quirky/whatever you want to call them, to hopefully make someone's day and start the year off fresh. I'm collecting ideas from various places, and piecing them together (including some of my own wonderfully poor ideas) and mashing them into one big joy ride, kinda XD

    I'm preferably looking for unusual yet humorous things that can put a smile on people's faces (obviously including yours) but won't cause offence to anyone as some are sadly sensitive. Also looking for little things like facts, random questions, funny…

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    By, I made this "remix" thingamajigger, of the EverymanHYBRID video Dead End With a Pulse. Here it is.

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  • ToatallyPasta

    Today I found out the personal channel of the EMH crew, just thought it might be good to share it here. I appologize to the people living in fantasy land who thought the series was real.

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  • Deadmanrising13

    Some Assitance

    August 15, 2012 by Deadmanrising13

    Hello HYBRIDS! I thought you guys would like to know something about your current "situation". Look for Jay of Marble Hornets, and use him to trace to a man who goes by ToTheArk. Also it might be smart to keep moving. Also Evan is quite unstable. He is under the influence of Slender. He is what we call a Proxy. It is imparative you STAY AWAY from him. Proxy's are notorious for being violent and often times deadly. On a final note I have a name for the creature you have yet to that has killed your friends (I know it's a touchy subject). "The Rake"

    Good Luck HYBRIDS,


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  • MadLarkin

    Hello Everybody,

    I am very new to this whole thing, so please tell me if I am posting this in the correct location.

    A thought occured to me that I am unsure has been brought up before, if it has, forgive me.

    The radio found in Dr. Corinthal's storage shed. The one that reacts to Evan's blood. It sounds like a detector, something that was hinted toward in one of the Corinthal letters, the one found in Box Six. At the end of the document:

    You see that the question is posed:

    "After giving him a rundown on the basics of radiation and the wave-animator software we had (he seemed

    somewhat familiar in the field as it was) we both remained equally confused. The only thin…

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