Angora Chat is the primary hub for real-time discussion of the EverymanHYBRID series and other works in the Slender Man Mythos. It was originally created as a response to the beginning of Trial 2, to decide on a united Angora vote, by RABBIT#076, but has become an unofficial hub of communication for Rabbits and Non-Rabbits alike. As of 11/14/17 and the Robert's Package update, the chat is active.

The chat is visited on occasion by Jeff, under the nickname of [J]. Any new information from his visits can be seen here. HABIT has also made reference to the Chat, though considers himself above 'wasting time' in it; it is theorized that he observes on occasion. Evan has also visted once under the nickname of [E].

Characters from other works in the Mythos have also appeared in Angora. For more information, see this page: Other Slender Man Mythos References in EMH.

The name of the IRC Channel is #habitsangora.

Remember that while the chat is unofficial, it has always been treated by the creators as more or less In-Game, and user conduct should reflect that during times of new content, when most serious EMH/trials discussion takes place. For the rest of the time, the chat is usually occupied by off-topic randomness and lesser/wilder speculation. Please keep content below NC-17 levels.

Anyone who is new and unsure how to access Angora chat:

  • go to
  • hit the "Launch Mibbit Client" button usually on the left
  • enter a nickname you wish to use in the "Nickname" field
  • enter #habitsangora in the "Channel" field
  • once inside, any admins can help you with other questions like registration (not required), etc

(Gentle reminder to use responsibly! As with any online interaction or talking to strangers, do not overshare personal information that could be used to identify or locate you! Please heed the rules.)