A proposal is the sixty-fourth video in the EverymanHYBRID series. In it, Vince describes a book he found with a description of a method that he intends to use to summon HABIT.

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[Video opens with a shot of Vince in the same basement as in the previous video. He is sitting in a chair in front of the camera.]

Vince: ...I think I may have found exactly what I was looking for, when I went to the bookstore. Uhm, I found a book, [He holds up a slightly-worn, thick, blue hardcover book.] which, first of all, I thought was weird; the only reason I picked it up was because some jackass employee sent me down to the wrong aisle, and then, in the middle of the aisle. I find an old book - in a new bookstore. So I thought that was weird. Uh, and I picked it up, and I'm leafing through pages, and right here, on page 188, I see something called 'Specific Entity Summoning'. Which, basically, tells me how to summon a specific entity, how to take out of, just, wherever it is and bring it to you. Which I thought was crazy. But there's also some other things in here that are crossed out...and someone has written in different instructions. which...I don't even know what to make of that. But we have something. We have something...we have something. 

[Video ends.]


  • At the time that this video was posted, the profile picture for the Everymanhybrid YouTube channel was removed, replaced by the default image. It was quickly re-uploaded, but with added horizontal black borders and in a lower resolution.
  • HABIT makes it clear in the next video that he placed the book, and altered the instructions.


  • The bookstore employee helping Vince was possessed by HABIT, or at least influenced by him.

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