"A Day with Green Feathers is the thirtieth video in the EverymanHYBRID series. Evan, Jeff, Vince, and Jessie spend a day in the park and in Princeton with fan TheGreenFeathers. After bidding farewell to their fan, Vince receives a phone call in which Ryan appears to be involved in a car crash and he hears familiar noises.

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The first HYBRID meet up, on November 21st, 2010. Only one dude showed up, but we thank you so much, TheGreenFeathers.


[Jeff, Evan, and Jessie are standing by a car in a parking lot on a bright autumn day.]

Vince: Go.

[Caption appears: Little Alex took two girlies to the movies this day. And you thought we left HIM out.]

Jeff: Eleven-fifty-five, Sunday, November 21st. The first Hybrid meetup.

[Vince sets the camera down on the roof of the car.]

Evan: [flips open his cell phone, then closes it] One day from my birfday.

Vince: [walks into frame and stands in front of Evan] One day from my birthday.

Evan: No, it's my birthday.

Vince: It's my birthday. It's ten days 'til my birthday.

Jeff: Now we just play the waiting game.

[Jessie giggles.]

Evan: We are here with Vinny, Jeff, myself-- Evan, the amazing-- and--

Jessie: And me!

Evan: And, uh, Jessie.

Vince: You might have seen her before.

Evan: And we're all waiting--

Jessie: [scoffs] Or not seen my face.

Evan: --to see if any fans show up to enjoy our day.

Vince: Yeah, we decided that, in light of everything, we were gonna try and repeat 'A Day in the Life' and have a nice, quiet day.

Jeff: We're expecting five or ten--

Vince: Million.

Jeff: --of our buddies to show up.

Evan: I'm expecting one. Or none.

Jessie: Yeah.

Vince: Yeah, I'm expecting zero, or one, but that's fine by me.

[Evan slouches against the car. Jeff leans in front of the camera for a close-up.]

Jeff: Let me restate that. Um, we were told that five or ten would show up. [Moves out of the close-up.]

Jessie: And by the way, we're having a picnic.

Vince: And also, Ryan said might be coming later too, so, you've seen Ryan before.

Evan: Did we bring a blanket for this picnic?

Vince: [pokes Evan in the chest] No.

[Cut to a different angle on the parking lot. Evan walks past the camera, flicking his tongue out at it.]

[Cut to the side of the car. Evan sets a water bottle on top of it. Jeff, who is holding the camera, walks around Evan to reveal a bunch of plastic forks spilled on the pavement.]

Jeff: You done goofed! [He continues to look at the forks, laughing slightly.] Every single last one.

[Evan moves towards the trunk of the car, looking sheepish.]

[Cut to Vince and Evan by the trunk of the car. Vince is covering the lock with his hand. Evan swats his hand away.]

Evan: You earned it, get outta here! [Vince moves out of the way; Evan starts to unlock the trunk.] Don't be blocking my trunk just 'cause I kicked you in the balls.

[He opens the trunk. A car horn beeping cuts him off. Caption: Introducing TheGreenFeathers, aka Nick!]

[Cut to Nick and the EMH crew standing in the parking lot, chatting.]

Jeff: You suck at Chuck Greene is an insult, anyway. (?) Just because.

Jessie: [unintelligible]

Vince: [repeats whatever Jessie said]

Jessie: That was incredible.

[Cut to Evan and Jessie sitting on the trunk of the car. Evan has his arms wrapped around Jessie's neck, and pulls her back as he leans towards the windshield. Jessie is giggling.]

Jeff: I hate public displays of affection. Quoth, the Jessie. Nevermore.

[Evan pretends to snap her neck.]

Jessie: This is against my will.

[Cut to the gang standing in the parking lot again. Vince is checking his phone.]

Evan: So, what're we doing?

Jeff: It's getting cloudy...

Vince: All right, so, I think we're gonna bail, but...

Jeff: Get going to a trail or something.

Vince: Was Ryan supposed to show, or...

Jeff: He was, but... I don't know. He has to be going back to school tonight, so I don't know.

Vince: All right.

[Cut to the band of five walking down a trail in the park towards a small creek. Evan and Nick are talking about something.]

Evan: Oh, yeah? Very cool, very cool, man.

Nick: [speaking quietly] –MMA, so...

Evan: That's where I teach!

Vince: That's him. He teaches over there.

Evan: Very cool. Yeah, she-- she takes it too.

Jeff: Takes it.

Evan: You watch UFC?

Nick: Sometimes.

Jessie: [responding to Jeff] Only sometimes.

Jeff: Thank you, Jessie.

Evan: I don't normally catch it, I'm not...

[They continue chatting about wrestling as they cross the bridge. Someone says something like 'you remind me of']

Evan: You into sparring and stuff?

Nick: Yeah

[Cut to the group on the other side of the bridge]

Jeff: When I was in the Sudan... I had to grapple with--

Evan: Shut up.

Jeff: -- a Hutu leader--

Vince: Jeff's never grappled in his life.

Jeff: -- named Akembe.

Evan: Jeff has never been physically--

Vince: --exerted--

Evan: --against anything. Like, you're physically exerted when you run, but I don't think you've ever fought a single thing in your life. Like wrestling or anything.

Jeff: Well, those grizzly bears last summer--

Evan: Even like with your brother and stuff. I don't think you've ever, like--

Jeff: Those grizzly bears...

Vince: [fake snobby accent] Let's talk this out.

Evan: Yeah, you're a very diplomatic human being.

Vince: And by diplomatic he means--

Evan: Aka a queer.

[Cut to farther along the path, closer to the river. Vince is talking. Jeff zooms in on the river, the pans over to the path. Cut to the group walking again.]

Vince: When we get back towards the car--

Jeff: Yeah.

Vince: I'm just gonna give him a call and see if he's gonna show up.

Jeff: All right.

[Evan starts singing something, possibly about Ryan.]

[Cut to them walking and talking along the path.]

Evan: I still think it's fuckin' stupid to play pokemon.

Jessie: Fuck you!

[Jeff pans away, and points the camera at his face.]

Jeff: He just doesn't know.

Evan: Hey, we were here too!

Jessie: (In the background) I-I feel like he might be playing Pokemon Blue...

Jeff: Yep.

Evan: You ran backwards up here.

Vince: This was also flooded up to this path.

Jeff: They had to have those, like, pallets out everywhere.

Vince: I almost threw Alex's pokeball in there.

Jeff: [chuckling] He was gonna stab you in the eye.

[Cut again. They are walking near the river. Jeff is filming a low concrete wall that presumably is meant to keep people from falling into the river.]

Jeff: The dividing wall.

Vince: Just jump over it.

Jessie: Yeah!

[Evan laughs.]

Jeff: Jump over the back.

[Cut to Jessie and Evan sitting on a bench. Jeff walks towards Evan and zooms in on his necklace.]

Jeff: --identification on your neck piece.

Evan: [holds up necklace] Oh, why, that is a shotgun shell with a ring around it, and I poked holes in it and made a necklace.

Jeff: [turns the camera to face himself; sarcastically] There's no such thing as white trash.

[Cut to the group walking down another path. Jessie and Evan are talking. Jeff turns around; Evan is giving Jessie a piggy-back ride.]

Jeff: The day of a thousand piggy-backs.

Evan: [laughing] A thousand piggy-backs.

[Cut to Jessie and Evan on a bench. Evan is staring at the camera with a wide-eyed, creepy smiling, and is stroking Jessie's face.]

Evan: She gets to be touched. [He drops his hand and leans back against the bench.]

Jessie: Are they-- are they gonna kill me now?

Evan: Ahhh... yeah.

Jeff: Jessie, you'll be fine. You're not gonna get killed by fangirls, rabid fangirls. [He pans along a carved and graffitied wooden post.]

[Cut to Evan and Jessie on the same bench. Evan is slumped over, leaning against Jessie, who is now wearing his hat. Vince and Nick are looking at something playing on Vince's phone. Evan dances to the music playing for a second, then stands up.]

Jeff: [unintelligible, reaction to the video Vince is playing] –bus rides.

Jeff: How long does this go?

[Vince holds up a finger, indicating wait a minute. The video sings something about G.I. Joe, and the guys laugh. Jeff pans towards the river. Evan is standing on the dividing wall, staring straight down at the water, hands in his coat pockets.]

[Cut to the group continuing their walk.]

Jeff: What're we done with?

Vince: Done with the woods bro!

Jeff: Bro! Bro!

Evan: 'Done with the woods bro...'

Jeff: Wait let me get a beard shot!

[He zooms in on Vince's majestic beard.]

[Cut to the group walking down the path. Jessie and Evan are making a wave motion with their hands.]

Jeff: What're—what're you doing, Jessie?

Jessie: I'm doing the international symbol for Jeff.

Jeff: Why is that, Jessie?

Jessie: 'Cause your hair is regaining its awesome wave. That is your only, your only--

Vince or Evan(?): Attractive.

[Jeff turns the camera and aims it at the top of his head, showing off his hair.]

Jessie: No, not your only attractive quality, your only, like, distinguishing feature.

[Jeff turns the camera to face himself.]

Jeff: Jessie claims I am the most hideous human being in existence.

[Cut to the gang walking down a sidewalk in Princeton.]

Vince: [looking at camera] Oh god.

[Cut to the group standing in line at Hoagie Haven. There is background chatter from the other customers, and a few people in the group talk, but none of them finish complete sentences. Again, if a better transcriber than I would like to take a shot at this, go for it.]

[Cut to the group outside on the sidewalk. Evan and Jessie are sitting on a bench, eating. Vince is reading tweets off his phone. Nick is filming on his camera.]

Jeff: How is it, man?

Evan: [around a bite of food] This is fantastic.

Vince: How many folks showed up? Hey, are you guys having fun? Yes, we are all jealous.

[Jeff zooms in on the food in Jessie's lap.]

[Cut to a shot of a sign outside a Presbyterian church. The sermon is listed as 'Whose crazy idea was this?']

[Cut to the inside of Jeff's car. The song 'Oh No You Didn't' is playing. Vince is filming, and he turns around in his seat to film the back seat. Evan reaches up and grabs at the lens.]

Evan: What's this? Are you filming?

Vince: Yes.

[Evan and Jessie start singing along. Evan wraps his arms around Jessie in a bear hug and rocks back and forth. Vince turns back to face forward as they pull into the parking lot outside the park.]

Vince: Those champs are just now finishing.

[Cut to black for three seconds. The group is in the car, sans Nick. Evan has taken control of the camera.]

Evan: All righty! So, I think this was a victorious day. We had our friend, uh, GreenFeathers, he was chilling with us, he is gone now, so now it is just Jessie, Jeff, Vinny, and my handsome self.

Jeff: I'm curious what happened to the other group. I'm kinda worried...

Evan: [laughing] Yeah, there's apparently another group that was on their way...

Jessie: Yeah...

Jeff: That was like, six hours ago.

Vince: One of our own didn't show up.

Evan: Yeah. So we're not sure. But, other than that, I mean, it's a beautiful day, you couldn't have asked for--

Jeff: We lucked out.

Evan: --a better...

Jeff: It was supposed to rain, like, all day.

Evan: Yeah, and it was, it was just beautiful.

[Vince's phone rings.]

Vince: Hold on. [He answers.] Hello?

Evan: It's that fucking [unintelligible]

Jeff: She wanted to film it, but... (?)

Vince: Ryan?

Evan: Oh, Ryan, is that--

Vince: Ryan, slow down. Hello? Do you-- you need to slow down when you're-- [stops talking abruptly]

[Silence in the car for six seconds.]

Evan: Is everything all right?

Jeff: What happened, bro?

Evan: Vinny?

Vince: I think Ryan just got in a car accident.

Jeff: Oh, shit...

Vince: I heard those noises.

Evan: What noises?


  • The noises that Vince hears during the phone call are associated with the Rake, implying that Ryan was attacked by it.
  • Green Feathers posted his side of this event in A Day With EverymanHYBRID
  • Slenderman could be briefly seen at 1:50 as a small blob, though it is not confirmed.

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