77of76.avi is the thirty-fifth video in the EverymanHYBRID series.

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Thank you, viewer oops_ur_dead for reminding me.

This was on the same USB that contained "78of76.avi" - until recently, this video wouldn't play and was deemed corrupted. On oops' recommendation, I checked again and it played "normally." -Jeff


[It is early winter or autumn, Evan and Alex are walking in the field from A Day in the Life, Jeff is holding the camera and walking a few feet behind them. Alex is wearing a helmet, later seen in "Last Week/Taking it back". The footage cuts back and forth several times between this and Evan chasing Vince from the A Day In The Life. They are walking towards a large, barren tree. Alex and Evan keep looking around, seemingly confused. Sirens can be heard in the distance. Jeff pans right, then left, as the sound of the sirens grows louder. Evan laughs. ]

Jeff: Hear the sirens? [The sirens continue for a few seconds but then suddenly stop.]

Evan: [laughs] All right. [He sits on the ground. In previously unseen A Day In The Life footage, the camera pans past Jeff and up in the tree, full of leaves with the sun shining through them, then cuts back to the autumn footage.]

Evan: Yeah, okay. [The sound of crows flying by as the camera pans around the desolate forest. Alex takes off his helmet and sits on it, facing away from Evan.]

Jeff: Now what?

Evan: [laughs] I don’t know man, but this is unbelievably infuriating. I’m tired of it, this shit is ridiculous. It’s like you’re just going around in circle, you don’t get anywhere. No progress is made. [Alex stands.] You go in, balls to the wall, but it doesn’t fucking matter, you just wind up in the same fucking spot.

Jeff: I’ve been saying that from the beginning.

Evan: It’s the same fucking thing.


  • This video was filmed at Baldpate Mountain.
  • Just minutes before this video posted the boys mentioned in the 1/20/2011 Ustream that they hear sirens when Slenderman is near, though he doesn't seem to make an appearance in this video.
  • Once again this video contains footage from A Day in the Life.
  • Originally, the HYBRIDS couldn't get the video to play, but upon further attempts, got it to work.
  • Speculation is high that this video was taken in "the future" and sent back to the past. That speculation is based on these facts:
    • It appears to be set in the autumn or winter, despite the USB it was on having been found in August 2010.
    • The clothing and circumstances of this video match the events of Last week / taking it back which was filmed in January 2011.
    • The title depicts a numbering sequence counting down but from a number higher than the set.

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