In a tweet at 12:37 am EST on April 20th Jeff released a Google Doc referring to the material found in the storage locker during the video The Corenthal Connection. It read:

We've been looking through the pictures and files and whatnot since the night at the storage unit. Many of the pictures appear to be the Doctor with friends and their families during various trips. The documents seem to be copies (or in some cases, the originals) of the letters we've been learning about through these caches. We're trying to piece all of these random bits together and nothing particularly stands out. Of course, we still have loads to sift through. Something that's bothering me is this metal container, though. There were a few bits of film-negatives at the bottom (shreds, nothing tangible) and a label that read HPL:COR,JAM1984/2005. The guys haven't a clue, either.
That's pretty much it for now. We've learned a bit more about the Doc, but not much more than we already knew. We at least have proof that he, you know, existed and was apparently good friends with many, many families with young children over the years. We'll see you soon, HYBRIDs. Here's to another potential let-down. -Jeff

Attached was also a photo of the container in question.



  • COR,JAM stands for Corenthal, James. 1984/2005 is obviously a range of dates.
  • An anon poster on UF suggested the Hopewell Public Library in Hopewell, NJ as HPL. Jeff tweeted in response to the theory the next day, then tweeted later that the library in Hopewell had nothing, but he would be checking out the one in Hamilton. The next day he tweeted again: "The trip to the library... actually produced something. You guys are incredible. Thanks for the tip-off, once again. I'm going to meet up with Evan tonight and transcribe some notes. Should also have a new update via YouTube. Library trip. Hot damn. [J]" The results of that trip are shown in One step forward, two steps back, and the resultant documents found on that trip can be seen in The Microfilm Collection.